Critical Illness Insights - Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been one of the main driving markets for Critical Illness insurance in Asia. It has been the source of new product innovation over the past decades. From its initial phase of just a few conditions in the late 1980s, Critical Illness insurance had grown to include more than 50 conditions by the late 1990s. By 2008, Hong Kong had already had its first multi-pay product covering the three major CI conditions with specific waiting periods between them.

Dread Disease - Singapore
Insights from Gen Re’s Dread Disease Survey for the Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore Markets
The 8th edition of Gen Re’s Dread Disease Survey has been released for the Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore markets. This survey captures new insights into the prevalence, incidence, and impact of Critical Illness (CI). We present key findings from the three markets.
Orchis Li
The Gen Re Dread Disease Survey – Key Takeaways for the Hong Kong Market
In this blog we present the key highlights of the Hong Kong results of Gen Re’s Dread Disease Survey 2015 to 2019.
Orchis Li