Gen Re has been meeting its claims obligations for more than 100 years. We are in it for the long term and will be here when our clients need us. 


Gen Re clients don’t have to go it alone. Our Claims team works closely with yours before, during, and after a claim so you can accomplish the best outcome for your insureds.

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Want to improve results? Be more efficient? Better serve and retain your insureds?

Our one-on-one service helps you deliver the best possible claims outcomes. From assisting in your analysis of challenging losses, to helping you get up to speed in a new line of business or new jurisdiction, we are here to help meet your needs. The combination of your technical strength and our industry perspective results in your competitive advantage. 

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What are your concerns?

Does your Property team have an effective and tested Cat plan in place? Has the challenging Casualty environment resulted in an increasing number of limits demands and jury trials? Does your Workers’ Comp team need help navigating emerging issues and medical severity? Will your team benefit from continued professional development? We’re here to collaborate to navigate these challenging times together.

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Looking for timely and relevant information designed to help you be more successful?

In a claims environment that is increasingly challenging and ever-changing, we help ensure you have the information and tools you need to succeed. Our partners have different needs, so we tailor what we know to what you need – giving you relevant information on cutting-edge issues and trends. 

Our Services

The world of Claims continues to face new and difficult challenges. Property insurers are facing challenges on many fronts: increases in materials and costs, labor shortages and changing weather patterns. A single claim might be your largest of the year. The Casualty business is volatile, unpredictable, and long tail: Nuclear verdicts, policy limits demands, and increased bad faith litigation have become the new normal. 

Gen Re Claims is here to help.

Claims Payment

As part of the Gen Re commitment to excellence, our experienced and dedicated Claims team is genuinely there for our clients. Our direct relationship with you eliminates the middleman, ensuring that your claims receive immediate attention: Our standard is to issue your payment within 5 business days – no need to spend time or resources chasing your reinsurance recoverables. 

Claims Reviews

We provide you with knowledge and information designed to fit your needs. Our claims reviews provide meaningful observations and feedback on individual losses, claims handling practices and operations.

We will focus our review on what matters most to you – claims adjustment, reserving, operational reviews, etc.

Dedicated Contact

We see large losses every day from across the industry, and we share our knowledge and perspective with our clients. Your assigned Claims Executive will work closely with you to ensure that you have the resources and information to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Technical Resources

Our Casualty and Workers’ Comp teams provide technical expertise in a variety of subject areas, from individualized training on a new line of business, to acting as a sounding board on difficult and unusual claims, assisting with expansion into new jurisdictions, and third-party administrator vetting.

Our Property team provides insights on coverage, claim adjustment and assessment, salvage and subrogation, and litigation – and more. We also have experience with experts and consultants throughout the country who can respond quickly when expert technical knowledge and speed is critical. 


We host training workshops, Claims Roundtables, and Webinars for clients to refine their technical claims capabilities, allowing them to stay abreast of and engage in thought-provoking discussions on trends and special-interest topics with insurance and reinsurance industry peers.

We’ve spoken on topics such as these: Emerging Issues, Social Inflation, Nuclear Verdicts, Public Nuisance, Biometric Information, Claim Reserving, EPLI, Business Interruption, Green Construction, Builders Risk, Contract Terms and Conditions, Valued Policy Laws, Subrogation Laws, and Lessons from Losses.

Featured Topics

Battered Umbrella – A Market in Urgent Need of Fixing
Umbrella underwriting requires a different mindset than primary underwriting. It’s not just an extension of the type of losses underwriters might be contemplating in the primary policy. Risk selection really comes into play. Read about Umbrella loss ratio pressures and steps to mitigate aggravated damages.
Matt Burns, Paul Kelejian
Social Media – An Addiction Now Being Treated in the Courtroom
There have been no court-approved settlements or jury verdicts in U.S. social media lawsuits as of last month. However, there were 429 social media lawsuits pending in the Northern District of California, with plaintiffs alleging emotional and physical harms. Read more about the increase in claims.
Cardine Zalenski
High-Low Agreements Can Prevent Large Plaintiff Verdicts
Taking a case to trial in the U.S. can be a nerve-racking endeavor for both the plaintiff and defendant. Neither side can predict with certainty how a jury of six to 12 strangers will rule. High-Low Agreements could be an opportunity to take some of the uncertainty out of the trial.
Tim Hayden
Medical Marijuana and Workers’ Compensation
As U.S. states legalize medical cannabis, questions about its potential benefits and implications for workers injured on the job have come to the forefront. Meanwhile, there is a potential financial benefit for employers and Workers’ Compensation carriers since medical marijuana offers what may be a less expensive option than opioid-based treatments.
David Hurt, Kimberly Stewart

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