U.S. Research Center

Delivering valuable insights to help our reinsurance clients improve their business results. 

U.S. Research Center

Gen Re’s Research Center conducts leading insurance industry research, providing valuable data and insights to help our clients make key business decisions.

Our experienced research professionals stay up to date on new survey methodologies and analysis approaches, and are involved with market research associations. Their work delivers additional value to survey participants and clients alike.

Research Solutions

Companies that participate in our surveys and Market✓Checks receive unparalleled information and analyses to help with business decisions. Our Behavioral Economics expertise provides a strategy for clients to improve their underwriting, marketing, and sales processes.

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Industry Surveys

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Behavioral Economics

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Industry Surveys

Industry Surveys

Our extensive background in conducting marketplace surveys provides companies with information and analysis to make more informed business decisions. Insurers that participate in our studies gain a macro view of their business and can effectively benchmark their company’s results against those of the industry.

In our effort to share our knowledge broadly, we publish highlights of select survey results so non-participants can still gain information.

Featured Topics

Marginal Gains in the Medicare Supplement Market
Steady as she goes was the theme for the U.S. Med Supp market through 2022, according to our latest benchmark report on the sector. With 91 companies participating, the data represents 5.3 million covered lives. Read more about market results, distribution channels, and the role of accelerated underwriting.
Mike Fullerton
Critical Illness & Accident Insurance – Highlights of 2022 U.S. Market Survey
Sharing some highlights of the latest Gen Re Critical Illness and Accident Market Survey, with data from 31 U.S. carriers. This year’s benchmarking survey shows the market is strong, with 2022 new sales and in-force premium showing increases over 2021 results.
Ruth Potter
Group Medical EOI Underwriting – Key Takeaways From the U.S. Benchmarking Survey
A recent report from Gen Re’s U.S. Research Center focused on the staff companies have in place to process Evidence of Insurability applications, as well as the methods used to process them. Read about insurers’ top challenges facing Group Medical Underwriting Departments and other data points.
Joe Iannetti
Medicare Supplement – Highlights of 2022 U.S. Market Survey
Sharing results from our latest Medicare Supplement insurance industry survey – covering market trends for 2022 and capturing sales and in-force data, business performance, rate increase activity, underwriting tools and practices, claim metrics, and compensation and distribution details.
Lisa Bolduc

Behavioral Economics Research

What is your company doing in the underwriting, marketing, and sales processes that could be adversely affecting results? Insurers should consider the non-conscious influences on their customers’ thinking – and how to effectively communicate and connect with them about their insurance needs.

Adopting Behavioral Economics strategies can help you. Our research team has professional training and helps our clients solve these types of problems with strategies to ensure a smooth and simple buying process. In addition, we offer a comprehensive BE training program for our clients so they can better understand the value and benefits of using BE approaches.

BE Research

Behavioral Economics Topics

How Insurers Can Use Behavioral Economics Approaches to Make Improvements – Bringing BE to the Forefront
At Gen Re, we often talk about ways to actively utilize BE approaches – in fact, one of our favorite catchphrases is “putting BE into action.” Implementing these important tools can help insurers in many ways.
Heidi Alpren, Keith Brown (guest contributor)
Improving Accelerated Underwriting Results by Putting Behavioral Economics Into Action
Over the past several years, the concept of Behavioral Economics has turned mainstream, even as it challenges the very foundation of traditional economic thinking by introducing the concept of dual system thinking (“fast” and “slow”). Behavioral Economics...
Heidi Alpren

The Gen Re BE Academy

BE Academy

The Gen Re BE Academy, developed in relationship with Suffolk University professors, is designed to help our clients’ staff learn how small changes can make a big difference. 

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Supporting the Industry

Heidi Alpren, Market Research VP, volunteers with the Insights Association, North Atlantic Chapter as the Metro Events Director for Portland, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and is a former Board member.