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Kara Raiguel
President and CEO
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North America Property & Casualty Managers

CEO North America
Property & Casualty

Kara Raiguel profile image
Kara Raiguel

The Mutual Practice - Treaty

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Ridge Muhly

Regional & Specialty Companies - Treaty

Robert Jones profile image
Robert Jones

National & Multinational
Companies - Treaty

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Chuck Lawson


Christopher Brock profile image
Christopher Brock


Patrick Carroll profile image
Patrick Carroll

Chief Risk Officer
North America P&C

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Molly Corbett

North America
P&C Claims

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Glenn Frankel

International Property & Casualty Managers

Head of International
Property & Casualty

Andrew D'Arcy profile image
Andrew D'Arcy

Asia Pacific

Ben Liang profile image
Ben Liang

Australia, New Zealand

Neal Mullen profile image
Neal Mullen

France, Belgium,
Italy, Nordic Countries,
Middle East & North Africa

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Emmanuel Brouquier

Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Israel,
Central-, Eastern- & South-Eastern Europe

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Alexander Zeller

Latin America, Spain, Portugal

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Luis Rayes

UK & Ireland

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Stuart Anderson

International P&C Facultative

Joaquin Orejas profile image
Joaquin Orejas

International P&C Claims

Edmund Fernandez profile image
Edmund Fernandez

Chief Risk Officer International P&C

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Michael Hosking


Head of Region

Tuan Miang Chua profile image
Tuan Miang Chua

China & Hong Kong SAR

Haifei Chen profile image
Haifei Chen

Japan, South-East Asia

Dr. Dirk Nieder profile image
Dr. Dirk Nieder

Underwriting & Claims

Irene Ng profile image
Irene Ng

Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, UK & Ireland

Head of Region

Peter Temple profile image
Peter Temple

Australia & New Zealand

James Louw profile image
James Louw

Sub-Saharan Africa

Cindy Blanchard profile image
Cindy Blanchard
Jason Cooper-Williams profile image
Jason Cooper-Williams

UK & Ireland

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Jules Constantinou


Michael Hughes profile image
Michael Hughes

Europe, Latin America, MENA

Head of Region

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Ulrich Pasdika

Continental Europe

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Friedrich Müller


Michael Otto profile image
Michael Otto

Latin America

Carmelo Galante profile image
Carmelo Galante

Middle East & Northern Africa

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Mazen Abouchakra


Head of Region

Harindra Chandrasena profile image
Harindra Chandrasena

Blank Space

Traditional Business

James Greenwood profile image
James Greenwood

Transitional Business

Joe Gigli profile image
Joe Gigli

Individual Life

Keith Brown profile image
Keith Brown

Individual Health

Steve Woods profile image
Steve Woods

Group and Specialty

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Andy Baillargeon


Nabaneeta Sirkar profile image
Nabaneeta Sirkar


Dr. Thomas Ashley profile image
Dr. Thomas Ashley

Global Life & Health Business Functions

Chief Underwriting Officer

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Andres Webersinke

Chief Claims Officer

Patricia Bailer profile image
Patricia Bailer

Chief Pricing Actuary

Jeremy Poole profile image
Jeremy Poole

General Re Corporation

Mike O'Dea profile image
Mike O'Dea

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Gifford profile image
Andrew Gifford

General Counsel & Secretary, General Re Corporation

Joseph Wallen profile image
Joseph Wallen

Chief Actuary, P&C Stamford

Frank Schmid profile image
Frank Schmid

Chief Technology Officer, P&C Stamford

Sandra Bell profile image
Sandra Bell

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sabine Denné profile image
Sabine Denné

Head of Global Marketing and Client Communications