At Gen Re, we believe that information and collaboration are the basis for great innovation.

We leverage the actuarial, medical, and underwriting expertise of our global units with the market-specific knowledge of our regional departments to support your product initiatives.

Our product development support comprises a wide range of services needed by primary insurers, including design of new products, calculation of the respective rates, and development of policy terms and conditions. Post-launch, our portfolio monitoring and experience studies offer additional valuable insights.

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Critical Illness/
Dread Disease

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Long Term Care

Our Services


Our competent advice, comprehensive services, and effective tools and resources guide your risk management decisions.

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Our team of expert claim professionals develop effective claims management strategies specific to our clients’ needs.

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Market Research & Surveys

We produce marketplace surveys for our clients and the insurance industry. Clients also benefit from our individualized services including business monitoring.

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We have a global network of data scientists, and deep expertise in solving complex business problems.

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Recent Research

Understanding Breast Cancer in Asia – Awareness and the Importance of Screening
Breast cancer ranks as the most prevalent cancer worldwide, and a staggering 2.3 million women were diagnosed with the illness globally in 2020. Although the prospects of survival in the battle against breast cancer are improving, the financial burden on patients remains significant. CI benefits can assist with managing the expenses.
Wendy Low, Pei Nee Yong, Samuel Lim
Breaking the Stigma – Fair Access to Insurance for People Living with HIV
On World AIDS Day we reflect on the advances in medicine, more effective and tolerable treatment options, and significant improvements in life expectancy and quality of life that have contributed to a greater social acceptance of HIV infection. We also provide an overview of the updates to our underwriting guidelines.
Annika Schilling
Men’s Health – Exploring Prostate Cancer in Movember
Early detection is crucial to the effective management of prostate cancer, as the disease often develops without noticeable symptoms in its early stages. We talk about the journey of surviving prostrate cancer, taking action, and raising awareness e.g. during the “Movember campaign” to make a difference.
Samuel Lim, Wendy Low, Dr. (Celia) Ying Zhang
Fight Against Fraudulent Claims – Highlights From Our South African Survey
Our new South African Fraud Survey shows, both insurers and reinsurers employ several anti‐fraud mechanisms to minimise their exposure to fraudulent claims. We have summarised opportunities and strengths of life insurers, and provide action points.
Shamen Raja
Fraud Survey in the UK & Ireland Sheds Light on Insurer Best Practices
The 2023 UK & Ireland Fraud Survey provides a valuable overview of the rapidly evolving problem of insurance fraud. We identified common challenges, potential vulnerabilities, and uncover areas of strength and opportunity amongst insurers.
Jason Weesner, Grace Cairns

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