At Gen Re, we believe that information and collaboration are the basis for great innovation.

We leverage the actuarial, medical, and underwriting expertise of our global units with the market-specific knowledge of our regional departments to support your product initiatives.

Our product development support comprises a wide range of services needed by primary insurers, including design of new products, calculation of the respective rates, and development of policy terms and conditions. Post-launch, our portfolio monitoring and experience studies offer additional valuable insights.

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Long Term Care

Our Services


Our competent advice, comprehensive services, and effective tools and resources guide your risk management decisions.

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Our team of expert claim professionals develop effective claims management strategies specific to our clients’ needs.

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Market Research & Surveys

We produce marketplace surveys for our clients and the insurance industry. Clients also benefit from our individualized services including business monitoring.

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We have a global network of data scientists, and deep expertise in solving complex business problems.

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Recent Research

Understanding Breast Cancer in Asia – Awareness and the Importance of Screening
Breast cancer ranks as the most prevalent cancer worldwide, and a staggering 2.3 million women were diagnosed with the illness globally in 2020. Although the prospects of survival in the battle against breast cancer are improving, the financial burden on patients remains significant. CI benefits can assist with managing the expenses.
Wendy Low, Pei Nee Yong, Samuel Lim
An Overview of Mitral Regurgitation Heart Valve Disorder – and Underwriting Considerations
Mitral regurgitation is the second most common form of valvular heart disease after aortic stenosis, with a similar prevalence in men and women. Here’s a detailed overview of the complex but common valve disorder, with some key points to consider in your underwriting practices.
Gary Kranich
Underwriting Disability Insurance – The Art and Science of Critical Thinking
Compelling evidence highlights the growing need for people to have income protection – and the importance of Disability insurance. Here we explore some aspects of its underwriting, including some of the complexities and nuances of assessing morbidity risk.
Dr. Loraine Oman-Ganes, Brenda Blaisdell
U.S. Individual Disability Market Maintains Overall Growth Trend – 6 Takeaways
The Individual Disability insurance market continued to grow in 2023, maintaining the momentum achieved in 2022 as the pandemic effect subsided. Total new sales premium combined from Non-Cancelable, Guaranteed Renewable, and Buy-Sell had a 7% year-over-year increase. See our survey’s main takeaways.
Michael Turner
All’s Well that Ends Well – Do Mental Health Wellness Programmes Work?
Employee wellbeing has a long history and over the past 200 years many improvements have been made to advance the four pillars of employee wellbeing: medical, psychological, financial, and social. We look at the evolution of employee wellness programmes and the role insurers play.
Mary Enslin

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