2nd Look Program

Our proprietary, analytics-based approach to handle unplaced business. 

How can you increase the profitability of your life insurance sales? Book more business with a unique opportunity to place cases you are losing.

Your company may share similarities with your competitors that have 3% to 20% of life insurance applications postponed, withdrawn, or retired as incomplete due to missing information or requirements that preclude definitive risk assessment. Medical requirements are most often missing but sometimes so are non-medical requirements, typically some sort of financial documentation. 

Take control of your unplaced business by making an offer on cases that would otherwise be retired, incomplete or postponed. Refer them to Gen Re for a 2nd Look.

Since many carriers have underwriting and medical departments that may lack extensive substandard underwriting experience, and despite their best efforts, they are leaving unplaced millions of dollars of profitable premium on the table. Our analysis estimates the present value of lost future premiums can be up to $100,000 per case.

Underwriters are concerned about passing their internal and reinsurance underwriting audits. If a doctor’s report says an age-appropriate test is recommended and the client doesn’t have it done – the underwriter’s response is to postpone. Can't locate a pathology report from a cancer history years ago? – postpone.

Unplaced business may cause your agents to get frustrated and explore relationships with other carriers. Recruiting new agents may become more of a challenge. Your company could suffer reputational damage and unnecessarily high unit costs.

How Does it Work?

Simply submit the entire underwriting file to Gen Re for facultative review and indicate which underwriting requirements are lacking – and that the case is being submitted for a 2nd Look.

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What products can be considered?

Any product for which your company and Gen Re have an active treaty in place.

*To explore a facultative-only treaty, contact your Gen Re account manager.

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What ages can be considered?

Typically ages 18–79 if treaty terms allow.

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What amounts can be considered?

Typically $250,000 to $40 million, depending upon available capacity and treaty terms.

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Is your company leaving millions of premium dollars on the table each year?

Send to Gen Re for a 2nd Look when:

  • A published new business requirement is not completed, such as an EKG
  • That final APS is not received
  • There is no evidence of a recommended medical follow up
  • A pathology report for a surgical procedure done in the distant past is missing
  • An imaging scan or results of a medical test, such as a tumor marker, colonoscopy or stress test is lacking
  • An underwriter can’t make an offer because the inspection or financial documentation is not available

* 2nd Look is not a Facultative shopping program for informal inquiries, for finding a better offer, or for exceptions to underwriting guidelines that dictate definitive decline.


Call us if you want to deliver a solution that increases placement of profitable business for your company!