Accelerated Underwriting Programs

The combination of your experience data with our industry perspective will help maintain or enhance your competitive advantage.

Insurers today are pulled in many directions – having to embrace innovative underwriting tools and approaches while evolving away from full underwriting.

Many companies don’t have the time or resources to investigate all the latest data and technology options to see which is right for them. With so many new alternatives on the market and the fast-changing pace, it’s hard to know where to start. 

Gen Re can help.

Gen Re can provide a depth of knowledge to help you navigate your next underwriting transformation. We've partnered with companies at various stages of their AU program development.  

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Some companies are just getting started with AU. 

Gen Re can help with everything from Behavioral Economics influenced applications, forms, and scripts to choosing the optimal set of requirements, random hold-out approach, and post-issue underwriting guidelines. 

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Some companies have an AU program, but need help.

Gen Re can monitor the market and identify new underwriting requirements – and we know what your competitors are doing to keep their programs current.

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Some companies are advanced, but would like input.

Gen Re’s AU expertise is here for you. We can help you participate in a pilot when determining if you should incorporate a new data source. 

Gen Re Services

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Review an Existing Program

  • Review existing workflows from start to finish and make suggestions to maintain or enhance competitiveness
  • Provide support of Gen Re’s data, analytics and research resources as needed
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Recommend Improvements Depending on Your Company’s Desired Goals

  • Help you evaluate tools, vendors and data to determine the right ones for your program
  • Partner with you on pilot programs to help you analyze additional data and tools to find which ones best serve your business objectives
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Manage Post-Implementation

  • Regular deep reviews and adjustment of plans
  • Assist in designing standard reports of value for use internally and with reinsurers
  • Provide support to confidently expand ages, amounts and/or products over time
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AU Second Layer Program

  • Developed to help our clients expand their program and learn from experience together
  • Expand your Face Amount offerings or Issue Ages
  • Resources and risk sharing to assist clients in developing their AU programs further

Our Expertise

Trend Spotting on the Accelerated Underwriting Journey
Accelerated Underwriting tools are now a big part of most Life companies’ overall operations, as carriers optimize workflow without impairing underwriting performance. To better understand trends across the market, Gen Re developed an Individual Life AU Survey. Read about our top 4 survey takeaways.
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Life Insurers Share Their AU Experiences – Top 5 Takeaways
Accelerated Underwriting (AU) is now a big part of most Life companies’ overall underwriting philosophy. But AU tools are evolving, and many direct carriers and reinsurers find it tough to price and evaluate their AU initiatives. We found some interesting results in our 2022 Individual Life AU Survey.
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Individual Life Accelerated Underwriting – Highlights of 2022 U.S. Survey
Sharing results from the Gen Re Individual Life Accelerated Underwriting Survey. Fifty-five Individual Life insurance carriers participated in the study, though they may have been at varying stages of implementation with their Accelerated Underwriting workflow. Read about our survey highlights.
Ruth Potter
Evaluating New Mortality Score from LexisNexis Risk Solutions for Life Underwriting [White Paper]
Life insurers need Accelerated Underwriting alternatives, while striving to maintain the same level of mortality. Gen Re worked with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to analyze their new mortality model.
Yvonne Ren
Evaluating ExamOne’s LabPiQture As a New Tool for Life Underwriting [White Paper]
Gen Re worked with ExamOne to study the value of LabPiQture as a new underwriting tool for Life Underwriting, another Accelerated Underwriting alternative.
Ryan Fryer


If your company faces one of these common challenges, contact us so we can help. Put our knowledge and expertise to work for you!