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In times of complexity and change, the insurance industry faces multiple challenges. Innovation and creativity are key factors for success. Capable decision-makers with a strategic business mindset and elaborate leadership skills are needed.

The Gen Re Management & Leadership Course prepares insurance managers and leaders to meet future trends with confidence and ability, and to inspire and drive forward efficient performance in their organisations.

Lead through the industry’s future challenges!


Spotlights – The Webinar Series for Life/Health Professionals

Great things in business are never done by one person. Product design, pricing, sales, underwriting, and claims assessment all play important parts in the ongoing insurance cycle. Spotlights, our series of 60-minute webinars, turns the spotlight on trending topics across this value chain and highlights research results for successful operations.

Gen Re’s inhouse experts will discuss future insurance trends with a digital audience tuning in from around the world. Boost your business potential by following our Spotlights series!


Global March 21, 2024

Critical Illness and Disability Insurance – Competition or Valuable Coexistence?

Gen Re Spotlights Client Series Disability and Critical Illness insurance both offer a living benefit and serve a similar purpose. This webinar describes different design options of the two products and discusses how they could complement each other in a meaningful way. 

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Global April 30, 2024

The Transgender Perspective – Diversity and Inclusion

Gen Re Spotlights Client Series Transitioning from one gender to another is a very complex process that differs between individuals. This webinar reviews challenges in the process of a transgender transition and explores why diversity and inclusion play a significant role in the insurance business.

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Global June 18, 2024

Interpreting Lab Data – How to Read and Interpret Deviating Values?

Gen Re Spotlights Client Series Laboratory values are an integral part of basic medical diagnostics and of an underwriter’s everyday risk assessment. This webinar discusses the meaning and importance of deviations in lab values and the association between these deviations and possible diseases.

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Global September 19, 2024

What is a Standard Risk? The Need for an Updated Underwriting Philosophy

Gen Re Spotlights Client Series Today’s underwriters are confronted with the fact that hardly any client is without diagnostic findings. This webinar analyses how to determine the relevance of disclosed application details and how to modify the underwriting philosophy.

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Iberian Peninsula / Latin America October 30, 2024

Desarrollo y Tendencias de la Industria de Seguros de Vida y Salud – Una Entrevista

Gen Re Spotlights Client Series En los últimos años la industria de Seguros de Vida y Salud ha sido duramente golpeada por varias razones. En este webinar tocamos temas de fuerte actualidad en la economía y las tendencias recientes de nuevas tecnologías.

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Global November 26, 2024

Automation in Life Insurance – The Customer Journey from Underwriting to Claims

Gen Re Spotlights Client Series Automation and new technologies will continue to impact key roles in insurance companies, including processes in underwriting and claims. This webinar reviews recent trends in digitisation and identifies valuable features for claims automation. 

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