Our global expert underwriting system COMPASS is used by numerous companies and markets, processing more than 15,000 applications each day.

COMPASS evaluates and underwrites life and disability applications. Depending on the product type, suggested underwriting actions include policy issue, request for additional information, referral to an underwriter or decline.

The system includes basic assessments for 9,000 occupations, 16,000 medical disorders, a comprehensive range of pursuits (advocations), foreign travel and more.

Two versions of COMPASS are available:

  • Head Office Version, for use where the assessment is based on information included in a static application form.
  • Point-of-Sale Version, designed for use by an agent interviewing a client, at a bank counter during a bancassurance sale, during telephone sales or directly by a client processing the Internet version. A user-friendly interface guides the interviewer through the questions on the application form. In most cases the client can be informed of the underwriting decision on the spot.

While COMPASS is supplied with a set of Gen Re underwriting standards, these rules can be easily adapted by means of a user-friendly maintenance programme to reflect each company's own underwriting philosophy. This maintenance program has been designed to be used by an underwriter who can be trained in its usage within three days.

Country-specific versions of COMPASS are also available, geared to not only different languages but also diverse underwriting approaches and benefits. Currently, clients in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Poland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia enjoy the benefits of the system.

Keeping Pace with Development

At Gen Re we guarantee commitment to our underwriting systems. COMPASS will keep pace with both technological and industry developments. We will supply our users with regular updates and system refinements.

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