COMPASS RuleManager

The Gen Re COMPASS Suite is a comprehensive and powerful tool for underwriting. It consists of several components, applied according to your needs.
One of these components is our COMPASS RuleManager.

COMPASS RuleManager

COMPASS is delivered with Gen Re assessments reflecting your particular market practice. It comes with rules for more than 15,000 medical disorder terms, more than 9,000 occupation titles, approximately 400 pursuits and all countries.

The COMPASS RuleManager is used by the underwriter in the following ways:

  • To change assessments and define general rules
  • To implement/change secondary point of sale questionnaires
  • To define the application form questions / details for your products

Easy to Use

It is possible to make simple changes, such as shift the value of a loading or write more complex assessment rules. COMPASS rules can be adapted to perform efficiently on various levels. If, for example, new product types require modified underwriting rules, such as higher loadings for pursuits, the modification can be entered at the top level, without requiring modification of every single pursuit in the database.

To avoid unintended modifications, the system will not allow the user to change assessments for disorders when the assessment is being inherited from a higher group level. 


The COMPASS RuleManager supports the user in consistent and technically correct rule writing, but it does not limit your underwriting philosophy in any way.

Furthermore, some databases include hierarchies that enable the underwriter to process rule changes for groups instead of changing each single entry. Although this is very helpful in the medical disorder database, it is always the underwriter’s decision to decide to change the assessments of single terms.


In a training session, numerous exercises enable the underwriter to learn to use the COMPASS RuleManager. These sessions are tailored according to your individual needs. Please refer to our flyer COMPASS Underwriting Workshops for more details.


COMPASS comes with technical and underwriting-related support by Gen Re developers, who work according to your needs. In addition to our Hotline Services, we offer workshops to enable you to start working with COMPASS quickly.

For further information please contact Klaus Künzel.