The Gen Re COMPASS Suite is a comprehensive and powerful tool for underwriting. It consists of several components, applied according to your needs.
One of these components is our COMPASS StaR.

Statistical Evaluations

COMPASS StaR enables companies to evaluate the data for the life insurance application and the assessments. It works directly with the data processed by COMPASS. This information can be used for risk control or to run statistical evaluations of applicants’ information and/or assessment results. Examples of questions to elicit this data include:

  • How many applicants consume more than 25 cigarettes per day?
  • How many applicants suffer from diabetes and have a BMI > 35?
  • How many doctor reports were requested and analysed according to the reason (medical, financial, etc.)?
  • What are the main occupations, pursuits and disorders of the applicants?
  • How many applications per day, week, month, quarter and year have been analysed by type of the result (offer, raise, refer, etc.)?
  • Which terms (occupation, sport, etc.) were not found by COMPASS?

In connection with a claims database, the analysis of all details may lead to a revision of the underwriting guidelines or modification of the health declaration. The statistics can also show for which medical disorders the reflexive questions should be developed, instead of requesting doctor reports to avoid delay in the process and reduce costs.

How Does It Work?

COMPASS Star extracts the data of the COMPASS XML interfaces (application data and assessment) to a format that can be queried by SQL-statements. Assessments for more complex cases, done manually by the underwriter and stored in your legacy system, can also be combined to this data.

COMPASS StaR comes with standard queries, but your technicians are free to define more queries according to your needs. The queries can be processed by the underwriter or actuary. Resulting data can be used in QlikView, other BI-Tools or Microsoft Excel.


COMPASS comes with technical and underwriting-related support by Gen Re developers, who work according to your needs. In addition to our Hotline Services, we offer workshops to enable you to start working with COMPASS quickly.

For further information please contact Klaus Künzel.