Gen Re Connect

An efficient, simple and quick way to submit and bind risks – as well as collect, track and analyze activity in bulk.

Is Gen Re Connect right for you?

Our proprietary online application is customized to facilitate your risk placement within our Facultative Program products.

      How Does it Work?

      • Your underwriters submit business securely via Gen Re Connect.
      • Gen Re Connect automatically prices submissions based on risk characteristics.
      • It’s accessible wherever an Internet connection is available.


      • Efficiency – Less time is spent by your underwriters in placing reinsurance, so more time can be spent writing new business.
      • Streamlined Workflow – The online application can become part of the file documentation process and replace existing reinsurance worksheets.
      • Customized Inputs – Terminology familiar to you quickens input and promotes consistency in data capture.
      • Paperless – Provides the ability to document the electronic file with quotes and/or binders.
      • Administrative Flexibility – Individual certificates or bulk processing are available.
      • Speedy Functions – Quote, binder, renewal, endorsement and cancellation functions are done electronically, producing a quick turnaround for a competitive advantage.
      • Quality Data Capture – All information input into the system is captured and can be retrieved for analysis.
      • Accommodates Multiple Users – Makes for real-time coordination within your teams.
      • Easily Implemented – It’s straightforward. Limited training is needed.

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