COMET Europe – Medical Underwriting Programme

CUS – Certified Medical Underwriting Specialist (CII CPD accredited programme)

Underwriting plays an important role at all life insurance companies. With the deregulation of the market, higher sums insured and the rising complexity of medical cases the demands placed on underwriters have increased in recent years. Only an underwriting specialist is capable of meeting these high demands.

Gen Re Business School has developed a comprehensive training programme for underwriters that satisfies all requirements to gain the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The CUS programme consists of four modules that systematically address the basics of life / critical illness and disability underwriting. Lectures on the subject are followed by workshops and group exercises helping practical implementation. The concept is complemented by self-study work between modules.

  • Module 1: Life/Critical illness underwriting:
    Diagnostic data, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, residential risks
  • Module 2: Life/Critical illness underwriting:
    Liver function tests, endocrine and gastrointestinal system, avocational risks
  • Module 3: Life/Critical illness underwriting:
    Urinary system, oncology, neurology, psychiatry (I), financial risks
  • Module 4: Disability underwriting:
    Dermatology, eyes and ENT system, orthopaedics, psychiatry (II), occupational risks

The course takes place in Cologne, Germany and is conducted in English. On successful completion of the course programme participants will receive the CII accredited certificate: CUS – Certified Medical Underwriting Specialist. For more information and course dates visit our programme schedule.

Advanced Level Modules

In addition, we offer modules for the advanced underwriting level. Theoretical input on the subject is followed by workshops, exercises and discussions helping the practical implementation.

Participants should either hold a CII-certificate “Certified Medical Underwriting Specialist” or show advanced underwriting skills (a minimum of 5 years experience).

Medical Expertise in Underwriting (CII CPD accredited programme)

Underwriters need an extensive medical knowledge. They must be able to evaluate the significance of the health data in a client’s application form and interpret evidence received in questionnaires and medical reports from doctors and hospitals. In the seminar participants will discuss current medical developments and new underwriting trends. For more information and course dates visit our programme schedule.

Professional Communication in Underwriting (CII CPD accredited programme)

Seminar participants will learn and practice appropriate argumentation techniques in regular and challenging underwriting situations. Continuous personal feedback from the trainers helps the participants develop new perspectives and improve their communication skills. For more information visit our programme schedule.

Quality Processes in Underwriting (CII CPD accredited programme)

The seminar addresses the principles of quality management and how to effectively map and analyse processes. Areas of future developments in insurance, e.g. apps, wearables, customer-specific products, will be discussed. The trainers advise how to apply tools of change and innovation into the work processes of the future. For more information visit our programme schedule.

Mental Health in Underwriting (CII CPD accredited programme)

The seminar will guide advanced underwriters through the most relevant psychiatric disorders in their field of work, such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Discussions about explanatory models, clinical pictures, therapy trends and prognosis will be followed by hands-on case studies. For more information visit our programme schedule.

Contact: Mirko von Haxthausen, Head of Gen Re Business School, +49 221 9738 156 or