Homeowners & Personal Umbrella Reinsurance

Providing security and peace of mind – in your home and reinsurer.

We understand personal insurance coverages and the intricacies of writing it.

Gen Re is one of the leading facultative reinsurers of Homeowners and Personal Umbrella business in the world. We have more than 50 years’ experience reinsuring the business and working with clients who specialize in the coverage.

Our Services

Our direct relationship with clients allows us to customize our product. We are committed to helping you grow your personal lines book and, if desired, expand into a larger, more affluent segment of the business.

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Property Coverage

  • High-valued dwellings
  • Vacant/unoccupied buildings
  • Seasonal dwellings, country homes, holiday homes overseas
  • Rehabilitation/renovation
  • Builder’s Risk
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Scheduled Property for Personal Articles

  • Jewelry
  • Collector vehicles
  • Private collections of memorabilia
  • Fine arts
  • Yachts
  • Musical instruments
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Personal Umbrella Coverage

  • Additional limits for high-net-worth individuals
  • Rental dwellings
  • Automobile, watercraft, ATVs, jet skis
  • Youthful/mature drivers
  • Pools, trampolines
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Online Rating Tool

  • Pre-priced programs available
  • Quote/bind/endorse/renew
  • Quote and bind Special Acceptances
  • Management reporting capabilities available in real time
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  • Significant Property and Umbrella capacity available
  • Program or Individual Risk
  • Carve out specific perils or coverages for reinsurance
  • Catastrophe exposures: brushfire, wind, earth movement, flood, tornado

Our long-term relationships separate us from our competition. As a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, our financial commitment is the most reliable in the industry.

Gen Re Connect

Our proprietary, customizable web application allows clients to place Facultative Programs reinsurance - and manage reinsurance quickly, easily and efficiently.

Claims Handling

Our clients count on us to be there when the unexpected happens – and keeping our promises means that we are willing and able to pay covered claims.

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Claims Expertise

Skilled claims experts handling high-valued homes, liability builder’s risk, and fine arts claims

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On average, claims payment of properly presented covered claims are made within 5 business days

Our Publications

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Secondary Peril Events Are Becoming “Primary.” How Should the Insurance Industry Respond?
Public attention is usually focused on catastrophes such as tropical storms and hurricanes, but more recently, smaller to mid-sized events – “secondary perils” – such as a severe convective storm, or floods and storm surge, seem more frequent. Learn more including some underwriting takeaways.
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High-Low Agreements Can Prevent Large Plaintiff Verdicts
Taking a case to trial in the U.S. can be a nerve-racking endeavor for both the plaintiff and defendant. Neither side can predict with certainty how a jury of six to 12 strangers will rule. High-Low Agreements could be an opportunity to take some of the uncertainty out of the trial.
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New Florida Matching Endorsements Gain Momentum
Florida insurers contend the state’s matching statute has been misused to inflate the loss payments of minor damage homeowners’ claims by stifling carriers’ ability to facilitate repair in instances where a reasonable match could be identified. Read about new matching endorsements being implemented in the Florida Homeowners market.
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