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Methods of Portfolio Analyses

Portfolio analyses are an established tool in the Automotive sector. For some time, interest in these analyses has been growing within the Private Property and Liability sectors. 

In addressing this growing interest, we offer actuarial portfolio analyses, enabling our clients to manage their portfolio in a targeted manner.  

Regardless of the line of business considered, we generate a database consisting of the plausible inventory and loss ratios as well as other data from external sources.

Benefit from Gen Re Consulting’s extensive expertise beyond Motor insurance, and use our diverse methods for your portfolio analysis!

Risk Segmentation


Which segments of the portfolio are doing well, which are doing badly? This complex question is the focus of our segmentation analyses in various lines of Non-Life insurance. For this purpose, we almost exclusively use multivariate methods that take dependencies into account and eliminate random fluctuations.

Upon request, we can expand this analysis, together with our colleagues from the Claims department, into a comprehensive line of business review.

Data Pooling


Sometimes the company’s own data is not sufficient for a statistically significant analysis. That’s why we merge the individual data of participating companies into a data pool. On this data basis, it is possible to determine statistically reliable information about the risk relevance of individual characteristics and therefore support the individual participants in risk-adequate pricing. 

We operate a Motor data pool in the German market with great success. Currently 29 companies are participating with a market share of over 34%.

In addition, we offer a residential building data pool, which we initialized in 2022 together with six companies and a market share of about 15%.



Market transparency is the starting point for a realistic assessment of one's own competitive position. For this reason, we have been conducting tariff benchmark analyses on the German insurance market since 2000, tapping into the often non-transparent Motor Transport tariffs. 

Using an inventory representative of the market of new passenger car and replacement business tariffs of more than 55% of market participants, we show market changes in different customer segments.

Customer Loyalty & Customer Value Models


Insurers need to consolidate and expand profitable customer relationships. We help you, for example, to identify profitable but cancellation-prone customers, and to define and introduce suitable customer loyalty measures for these customers. 

You can further optimize your portfolio by observing the effectiveness of these measures.


Gen Re Consulting is the consulting unit for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 

For questions or if you require further information, please contact Marco Morawetz.