Moving The Dial On Mental Health

We believe there is more our industry can do to support people living with mental health conditions. Our passionate team of global experts is working to share their knowledge, challenge existing practices and develop new solutions to help foster a more inclusive approach to mental health.

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The Depression Claims Wizard – A Gen Re Digital Tool for Depression Claims Management
Gen Re is passionate about sharing our mental health expertise with our clients and launched the Depression Claims Wizard – a new digital tool designed to assist claims assessors in deepening their understanding of depression claims. We believe, the DCW is a unique and helpful addition to any claims assessor’s toolkit, allowing them to manage depression claims with confidence.
Dr. Sandra Mitic, Mary Enslin
The Impact of Climate Change on Mental Health
Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing humanity today. However, the impact of climate change on mental health is a relatively new area of research, and it is increasingly gaining attention. We explore the impact of climate change on both, the life and non-life insurance industry.
Mary Enslin
The Impact of Mental Health on Life & Health Claims
There is good evidence that when care is managed in a sympathetic and clearly structured manner the outcomes are better, with few people developing chronic difficulties. Read about best practices for claims professionals.
Lisa Hall
A Seat for Psychology at the Pain Management Table
Chronic pain is a leading cause of disability. The article discusses the increasing demand for pain psychologists for insurance claims and explores the importance of assessing the whole person when managing chronic pain-related claims.
Lisa Hall, Dr. Jonah Fox
The Impact of COVID-19 on Life & Disability Claims Departments – Results of a Gen Re Survey in the UK Market
Acknowledging World Mental Health Day, we summarise key findings of a survey on the impact of COVID-19 conducted by Gen Re. The survey identified the level of changes to claims processes, increased claims volumes and related impact on working hours.
Grace Cairns

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