Gen Re offers you tailor-made reinsurance programs that help you achieve your life/health risk management objectives. You can rely on our competent advice, comprehensive services and effective tools to guide your risk management decisions.

We support your long term success through:

  • Underwriting programs, such as traditional facultative or proprietary programs, to increase producer retention and reduce unplaced business
  • Dynamic risk assessment expertise and analytics to grow results
  • Competitive insights and technical knowledge to keep you informed
  • Valuable tools and resources to support your business needs


We offer life and health reinsurance protection in the following lines of business:

Let us help you rethink your risk. Your success is our business®


Reinsurance Protection

We’re focused on our clients’ sustainable success - providing you with valuable reinsurance protection. Whether you’re seeking a traditional approach or a tailor-made solution, we work with you towards meeting your business’s unique needs.

Risk Assessment Expertise & Analytics

Our clients gain a competitive advantage through our medical and underwriting professionals, research and development services - and decision analytics and risk assessment tools. You can rely on our underwriters and actuaries to share critical information and data driven insights to help you make more informed decisions.

Underwriting Programs

Our in-house underwriting team works with our clients to ensure a comprehensive underwriting and pricing strategy that is deliberate, sustainable and contributes to long-term profitability and growth. We also leverage behavioral economics insights to improve underwriting outcomes.

We offer the following programs:

  • Traditional Facultative - Use facultative for challenging cases and to improve placement ratios, or time service, to your producers and their customers.
  • 2nd Look - We can make offers on cases where certain requirements are unattainable and do not qualify for traditional reinsurance.


Your success is our business®

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James Greenwood

Head of Traditional Markets, L&H Stamford


Claim management is increasingly important as insurance products and variations in policy language have become more complex. Our claim management team provides tailored solutions for our clients. Regardless of the situation, our claim professionals are here to work with every client for better claim outcomes.

In keeping with our long-term commitment to support our clients, we strive to deliver timely payment of reinsured claims as a hallmark of our operation. At Gen Re, we keep our promises so you can keep yours.

Our Claims Academy Training is designed to assist clients in navigating the complexities of claims work. The course provides claims professionals with access to tools they can confidently apply in the claims management process, while building skills and knowledge – so they can take what they’ve learned and proactively apply it to manage claims.

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Patricia Bailer

Global Chief Claims Officer - Life & Health, L&H Portland

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Our Gen Re Research Center delivers valuable insights to help our reinsurance clients improve their business results.

Industry Research
Industry Research

Participating companies receive unparalleled information and analysis to help with business decisions. See our research.

Industry Research
Consumer Research

Carriers can gain assistance in better understanding a customer’s buying journey. See our research.

Industry Research
Behavioral Economics

We can help solve your underwriting, marketing and sales process problems. See our research.

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Heidi Alpren

Market Research VP, L&H Portland

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Risk Assessment Tools

Predictive Analytics

We strive to help our clients understand their data better by sharing our proprietary prediction tools and techniques. We share insights gathered from mining and modeling data to help clients make more informed decisions in the areas of mortality and morbidity, as well as policyholder behavior.

Underwriting Manuals

Our online underwriting manuals provide reliable, cutting-edge information needed to assess risk effectively. Our SOURCE manuals are specifically designed to be dynamic risk assessment tools.


SOURCE—Life® provides succinct snapshots of a comprehensive array of topics, with easy navigation to the underwriting action. Custom SOURCE–Life® allows our Individual Life clients control over most aspects of content to reflect their own company-specific underwriting guidelines.

Individual Disability Income

SOURCE—DI® is our dynamic risk assessment tool for the medical underwriting of Individual Disability Income products, for our reinsurance clients to establish, maintain and manage their Individual Disability Income business.

Our Financial Guide is designed exclusively for Individual Disability Income reinsurance clients to offer a quick reference tool to assist with the financial underwriting and risk assessment process for Individual Disability insurance.

Critical Illness

The SOURCE—CI® manual enables users to apply common core definitions found in most Critical Illness contracts to a broad spectrum of Critical Illness products.


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Dr. Thomas Ashley

Chief Medical Director – North America, L&H Stamford

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