We are one of the world’s largest reinsurance providers and our worldwide network of offices allows us to offer our clients both international expertise and proximity. From underwriting to claims management, training and research, our Life/Health experts will work directly with you to achieve your goals, wherever your business is based.


Like you, at Gen Re we know that thorough identification, analysis and evaluation of risk are the keys to comprehensive enterprise risk management. That’s why we have developed a full range of solutions and services in all areas of risk assessment for biometric insurance risk.

Reinsurance is a traditional risk management tool. The transfer of risk to a strong partner relieves strain on capital, significantly easing an insurer's capital requirements and stabilising the company balance sheet. With proportional and non-proportional solutions for all kinds of biometric risks, our Life/Health experts will specially tailor a program to meet your needs.

We take an end-to-end approach to the service we provide. Whether you are looking for fresh insight into new product development, access to leading underwriting tools and expertise or assistance with a challenging claim, we have the people and platforms to help.

For further information please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@genre.com.


Risk Assessment

At Gen Re, risk assessment of individual lives has been a core strength for over 100 years. Experts in assessing even the most difficult risks, our specialists constantly strive to obtain the most beneficial solutions for all parties involved.

We offer services in all areas of risk assessment. The level of qualification, experience and diversity of our team enables us to provide outstanding support to our clients across the globe.

Access to our highly respected suite of underwriting tools and systems is just one element of this support, helping you produce profitable underwriting results and stay one step ahead.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@genre.com.

Underwriting Manuals

Our electronic underwriting manuals, with extensive medical background information and detailed rating assessment hints, are recognized across the industry. Market-specific versions include:

  • International:
    CLUE (Cologne Re Life Underwriting Expert), available in Chinese, English, French, Italian and Russian
    LTC Manual (Long Term Care Manual), available in English, French, Korean and Spanish
  • Germany:
    DOM (Deutsches Online-Manual), in German
  • Spain:
    CLAVE (Cologne Life Agravados Version Espanola), in Spanish


Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@genre.com.

Expert Underwriting Engine

We are proud to have been one of the first companies to develop software systems for processing life and health insurance applications without the additional step involving an underwriter.

Our underwriting system COMPASS  can be used for reflexive questioning during agent and client talks, both in tele-underwriting environments and on the Internet. Used by companies worldwide, it currently processes over 15,000 applications each day.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@genre.com.


The need for efficient, highly-professional claim investigation capability is increasing every day. Our team of experienced experts is here to support you in all legal, medical, occupational and operational matters. Be it advice on a specific case or in a specialist area, our tailored analyses and recommendations can make the difference in your claims evaluations

The effectiveness of our on-location pre-claim visiting service has been recognised in the market for many years. Providing clear, pragmatic support on all aspects of an assessment, our experts will help you to reach swift and informed payment decisions. Our experienced mediators can also help you build cooperation in situations where communication is proving particularly challenging.

We know how complex professional claims management can be. That’s why we offer our clients comprehensive process analysis and technical system support in addition to segmented evaluations. Take advantage of our extensive networks and international expertise in any or all of these aspects.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@genre.com.

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At Gen Re we believe that information and collaboration are the basis for great innovation. The expertise of our Research & Development (R&D) team is a core benefit enjoyed by our clients with whom we work directly to devise and develop competitive new customer solutions.

Our product development support comprises the whole range of services needed by primary insurers, including the design of new products, calculation of the respective rates and development of policy terms and conditions. Post-launch, our portfolio monitoring and experience surveys offer further valuable insight.

With extensive knowledge at its fingertips, the team also helps our medical and occupational underwriters respond to the changing circumstances and new questions they confront every day.

Evidenced-based Underwriting (EBU) reviews our underwriting guidelines based on the latest medical research and available statistics. Our international and multi-disciplinary project teams provide documents and presentations to support our guidelines internally and externally.

The R&D team is also at the forefront of our initiatives to share our know-how through the different publications we produce. See our related links on the right.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@genre.com.


Today’s business world is complex and constantly evolving. To rise to the challenge, it’s vital for professionals to continually broaden their educational horizons. Professionally trained employees are the lifeblood of every insurance organisation.

At Gen Re, we are passionate about providing development opportunities that meet the needs of the industry – both for our people and yours.

Through the Gen Re Business School, we offer a variety of training courses for underwriters and claims assessors in the fields of Life, Disability, Critical Illness and Long Term Care. We are proud that many of our programmes are accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) or the German Chamber of Commerce.

Seminars on key topics take place throughout the year, in locations and languages across the world.

Contact: Mirko von Haxthausen, Head of Gen Re Business School, +49 221 9738 156 or business-school@genre.com.

Medical Underwriting and Claims Assessment

Our worldwide medical training courses provide ongoing office-based development for underwriters and claims assessors. Our international programme COMET (Commitment to Ongoing Education) combines periodic medical workshops and training modules supported with between-module correspondence learning.

The courses are offered in English to our clients in Asia, Europe and South Africa. Find out more about COMET in your area.

We also offer a comprehensive underwriting training programme in German.

Risk Management

For us, being a Reinsurer has always meant being a Risk Manager. As a result we analyze all aspects of risk management, over and above the risk-based capital aspects. Held annually in Cologne, the following courses and seminars include presentations, case studies and workshops and present a unique platform to learn and share opinions and results:


Our Gen Re Life/Health Actuarial Course (GRAC) addresses the needs of actuaries with varying years of experience. Providing a solid foundation in core actuarial techniques and up-to-date product trends in life and health, the five-day programme is held annually in both Cologne and Shanghai and is delivered in English:

Management & Leadership

Accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute, our Management & Leadership course aids the development of core leadership skills, including self-awareness, communication and understanding, motivating others and social competence. With a diverse range of nationalities in attendance, it's also an excellent forum for sharing ideas and experiences from around the world:

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