Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Gen Re takes social responsibility very seriously with respect to our associates, our clients, our community and our environment. We have a Code of Business Conduct in place, which guides our employees to fair and ethical business conduct and explains our shared responsibilities to the public and our business partners, and amongst ourselves. This code is an essential means for achieving our corporate goals. Every employee is expected to be familiar with it, and every manager is expected to ensure the observance of these rules.

In the U.S. Gen Re makes annual donations that focus mostly on social services. We also have a "100% matching" program for the private donations of our German staff members, and we award an annual scholarship to young classical musicians in Cologne. And we sponsor a visiting professor at the Institute for Insurance Education at the University of Cologne.  

Gen Re offices have implemented a number of energy-saving and recycling initiatives.  With our risk management expertise, as a leading global reinsurer and financial services company, we believe that we may be able to make an impact on some of the considerable challenges and opportunities posed by rapid environmental, economic and societal changes and the risks that emerge from those changes.

Gen Re’s IT security landscape addresses the ever-evolving security challenges and threats, and at the same time contributes to the development and deployment of robust IT governance mechanisms.

We will continue to build on our activities in these fields, and will consider undertaking specific and appropriate Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives as they arise.