Property, Engineering, Marine

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Property, Engineering, Marine

We offer Treaty and Facultative (Individual Risk and Programs) reinsurance solutions for a broad range of Property exposures and coverages including:

Commercial Property, Agriculture, Natural Catastrophes, Engineering, and Marine. As a direct reinsurer, we underwrite and assess each risk alongside you. We work with you, sharing expertise and technical knowledge, always with the goal of helping you meet your reinsurance and business objectives.

Risks of Underinsurance in Property and Possible Regulation
Inflation, the war in Ukraine, fluctuating exchange rates, and rising labor and material costs in recent years have meant that a partial or a total loss can result in the insured being significantly underinsured. We describe the potential consequences of underinsurance, and give advice on how to avoid them.
Leo Ronken
Recycling of Large Lithium-Ion Batteries From a Property Insurance Perspective
The increased production of e-vehicles is leading to high demand for lithium-ion batteries. These batteries will have to be recycled due to the limited quantities of raw materials, especially lithium. This article describes recycling processes and related risks.
Leo Ronken
Green Hydrogen: Thoughts on Underwriting from a Property Insurance Perspective
The production of “green” hydrogen is increasing. Leo Ronken describes the associated risks in production, storage, transport and consumption of hydrogen, possible protective measures and what insurers should consider when underwriting.
Leo Ronken
Keeping a Watch on Fire Insurance Losses in France
Gen Re is pleased to present the results of our yearly review of fire losses in the French market. All the market’s key insurance players took part in our study, representing more than EUR 3B of aggregated insured losses over the last 10 years. Our...
Tristan Trouillard
Big Battery Storage – A Highly Charged Risk
Battery energy storage systems (BESS) continue to play a vital role in the pursuit of net zero carbon emissions. But the technology used in this growing sector is not as benign as it might first appear, and the fire risks associated with BESS are potentially...
Simon Warren


The risks in the commercial and industrial sectors are manifold and are characterized by rapid technological changes.

Our solutions address the volatility losses as well as unique characteristics and exposures across the property spectrum on an entire portfolio, from Treaty and Facultative programs to highly customized Facultative coverages on individual risk.

We also support you with targeted analysis and consulting services, software tools, and seminars and publications on current developments.


Our Engineering specialty underwriting team offers a broad range of reinsurance solutions to cover commercial and industrial risks such as Machinery Breakdown, Construction All Risk/Erection All Risk (CAR/EAR) including ALOP/DSU.

For Energy classes of business with unique issues and exposures, we created dedicated specialty underwriting teams.

Natural Catastrophe

Natural Catastrophes

Rising NatCat activity in recent years (i.e., flooding, storms, hail, and wildfires), also driven by climate change, creates challenges for the re/insurance industry. In addition, insured values in regions exposed to natural catastrophes are rising steadily. At Gen Re, an experienced team with a long-standing history in underwriting and own risk models will help you meet your reinsurance and business objectives.

We use a tailored approach that ranges from evaluating and selecting from the available vendor products to a pure proprietary model development to adequately address each country and peril in our client portfolios.

Furthermore, our geoscientists (e.g., Meteorologists, Hydrologists, Seismologists) make use of the latest research and data to respond to the highly dynamic environment where a changing climate and rapid urbanization challenge the value of historic observations.


We offer reinsurance solutions across a broad range of Ocean and Inland Marine exposures. To succeed in today's rapidly changing global environment, our teams combine global expertise with local know-how.

Our product offerings include Ocean Cargo, Commercial Hull (Ocean/River), Yachts, Builders Risk, and Marine Liabilities.



Gen Re has a wealth of experience and expertise in Property, Marine, and Engineering claims. Our claims professionals value the opportunity to share our perspective on complex claims and work through issues with clients.

We monitor trends and emerging risks to remain at the forefront of claims partnerships. We aim to foster close working relationships with our clients and add value through the claims management process.

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