We provide you with a full range of reinsurance solutions in Auto/Motor. Our underwriting excellence is paired with claims expertise and consulting services.


Products & Services

Our Auto/Motor reinsurance solutions can reduce volatility in your book from individual risk losses, occurrences with multiple risk losses, or by means of proportional coverage of entire loss portfolios. Gen Re offers direct access to a worldwide team of experts with in-depth knowledge in the regional markets.

Motor Insurance in the Post-Pandemic Era
The significant impact of COVID-19 on society with serious restrictions on life, especially mobility, led to record results for German motor insurers. Marco Morawetz summarises five challenges to consider for a successful motor insurance business in the future.
Marco Morawetz
Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, and Our Future – The Exciting and Occasionally Bumpy Road Ahead
As autonomous vehicles and drones continue their inexorable march forward, life as we know it will change. Read about the technological changes on the horizon.
Timothy Fletcher
Personal Injury Compensation in Europe: An Updated Comparison Among Different Systems Within the European Market
In this comparative study about Personal Injury Compensation, the five largest European insurance markets were analysed, taking into account all the possible inherent risks in such an undertaking and attempting to explain the differences between various systems of compensation.
Lorenzo Vismara, Francesca Nozzi, Richard C. Willoughby (London), Alix Pardo (Paris), Patrick Le Roy (Cologne), Martin Peiffer (Cologne), Federico Maroto (Madrid)


In the Motor segment, our clients benefit from services that go beyond traditional risk transfer such as tariff development and peer benchmarking. With our broad market knowledge, we are active in industry associations. We share detailed information about developments with our clients through our publications and in technical seminars.

For motor own damage/auto physical damage exposures, we offer tailor-made reinsurance solutions for individual vehicles (from oldtimers to super sportive vehicles), buses including electro buses, trucks, mobile cranes and other special contractors plant and agriculture machinery, car dealerships and workshops, and storage locations/fleets.


Tools & Resources

Our experienced underwriters and proprietary software tools can provide you with a unique and valuable view of your business. Find out how a fresh look at your exposures can help you manage your book.


Gen Re’s consulting unit for Germany, Austria and Switzerland works on actuarial issues in Property & Casualty insurance. Our focus is on standardized business (for private or small businesses).

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Rate Maker/KRisk

Our calculation and profit testing tool is a user-friendly and intuitive software consisting of two components, Ratemaker and KRisk. It enables the user to perform tariff calculation and implementation.

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We offer you sound advice on appropriate reserving methodologies for major and long-term losses or on claims that exceed the agreed sums insured. Our international network enables us to provide you with valuable advice on cross border claims.

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