At Gen Re, we believe that information and collaboration are the basis for great innovation.

We leverage the actuarial, medical, and underwriting expertise of our global units with the market-specific knowledge of our regional departments to support your product initiatives.

Our product development support comprises a wide range of services needed by primary insurers, including design of new products, calculation of the respective rates, and development of policy terms and conditions. Post-launch, our portfolio monitoring and experience studies offer additional valuable insights.

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Critical Illness/
Dread Disease

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Long Term Care

Our Services


Risk assessment of individual lives is a core strength at Gen Re. We offer services in all areas of risk assessment.

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Market Research & Surveys

Understand biometric risks – from single portfolios to market-wide surveys.

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Using a wide range of techniques such as random forest, GLMs or neural networks our data scientists get the most of complex data; always in collaborations with our experts from other fields a maximum of insights and interpretability is achieved.

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Digital Solutions

We help our clients create digital solutions across the insurance value chain.

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Recent Research

Understanding ADHD – Beyond the Acronym
The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a diagnosis that is still with many prejudices. This starts with stereotypical characteristics of the patient and extends to the triggers of the disorder. In this blog we explain diagnostics, symptomatology, course and therapeutic measures of ADHD.
Annika Luckmann
Pathologie cancéreuse – Comprendre le compte-rendu anatomopathologique [Partie 1 de la série de 2 parties]
Pour comprendre un diagnostic de cancer, les gestionnaires sinistres doivent saisir l’intérêt du compte-rendu histologique. Pour cela, nous étudions les diverses classifications par stade et par grade, et l’importance des analyses des biomarqueurs.
Jodie Sweetser
Men’s Health – Exploring Prostate Cancer in Movember
Early detection is crucial to the effective management of prostate cancer, as the disease often develops without noticeable symptoms in its early stages. We talk about the journey of surviving prostrate cancer, taking action, and raising awareness e.g. during the “Movember campaign” to make a difference.
Samuel Lim, Wendy Low, Dr. (Celia) Ying Zhang
Cómo ganar la partida a la enfermedad cardiovascular con un corazón sano desde el punto de vista médico y económico
Según la Federación Mundial del Corazón, las enfermedades cardiovasculares son la primera causa de muerte en el mundo. El estilo de vida y los hábitos alimentarios son fundamentales para mantener una buena salud cardiovascular. Sin embargo, el infraseguro y el déficit de protección del seguro son a menudo una amenaza oculta.
Samuel Lim, Benedict Tan, Dr. Himanshu Bhatia
Cuidado con el modo “Demo” en los informes de electrocardiograma
Los suscriptores de seguros de vida e invalidez deben ser conscientes de que pueden recibir importantes datos falsos generados por ordenador, aunque confíen en las fuentes de la información que reciben. Ya sea por accidente, incompetencia o fraude, he aquí algo más para su radar.
Dr. Paul Higgins

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