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The assessment of liability risks requires comprehensive expertise in all industries. New risks and a continuously changing legal landscape pose new challenges for various professions. Our Casualty reinsurance solutions can reduce volatility in your book from an individual risk loss to a single occurrence with multiple risk losses.

We offer Treaty and Facultative reinsurance solutions for a broad range of Casualty portfolios and coverages including General Liability, Products Liability, and Personal Accident.

Class Actions in the Netherlands – (Not) A Role Model for Europe?
The Netherlands is the first and, so far, the only EU country that has implemented the EU Collective Redress Directive, aiming at strengthening consumer protection. We take a look at the new law and present early experiences with it.
Nina Dahm-Loraing, Alexander Eistert
Generative Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Three Lessons for Transformation from Past Arrivals of General-Purpose Technologies
Past arrivals of GPTs offer insights into potential implications of the diffusion process of Generative AI. What do these observations imply for an insurer’s technology choices in the Generative AI adoption process? How can business leaders steer the diffusion of this technology in the organization?
Frank Schmid
Surfing the Unknown – How to Avoid Cyber Exposure on Non-Cyber Contracts
Concerns about cyber incidents have grown considerably over the years. How can this risk be assessed, and how can it be excluded from standard P&C policies? Writing clear terms and conditions is a first step to avoiding future disputes.
Viviane Mardirossian
Generative Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Four Aspects of the Current Debate
Generative AI is widely regarded as a general-purpose technology (GPT). The arrival of a GPT is a rare event, even in modern times. Our CTO examines the current debate around the use of generative AI in the insurance industry and highlights four aspects in terms of potential consequences for consumers, employees, insurers and the insurance market.
Frank Schmid
Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, and Our Future – The Exciting and Occasionally Bumpy Road Ahead
As autonomous vehicles and drones continue their inexorable march forward, life as we know it will change. Read about the technological changes on the horizon.
Timothy Fletcher


The changing risk landscape is getting more complex every day, creating new challenges for all businesses and branches.

At Gen Re we have a deep understanding of casualty matters. We are continuously monitoring recent developments all over the world and share them with our clients.

We support you with analysis and consulting services as well as seminars and publications. Gen Re’s publications are written by underwriters for underwriters, to provide you with current information on relevant exposures.

Our superior financial security and our underwriting expertise help you achieve your business goals.



Gen Re offers reinsurance claims support to clients underwriting third-party liability covers in the direct market across a wide variety of different lines of business, including Auto/Motor, General Liability, Professional Lines, and Cyber Risks.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We support clients in managing their Casualty class portfolios wherever we can, ensuring that claims presented under our Casualty contracts are adjusted and settled promptly and fairly.

Tools & Resources

Our experienced underwriters and proprietary software tools can provide you with a unique and valuable view of your business. Find out how a fresh look at your exposures can help you manage your book.


Our reserve estimation (RET) tool helps to estimate complete, error-free as well as uniform and transparent individual reserves for severe personal injury claims.

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Initial reserve estimation (RET AR) is a tool that helps to simplify / accelerate the calculation of an initial reserve in personal injury cases, while standardizing and providing technical support.

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Maintenance damages (UHS) calculates proposals for the support of the survivors of a person who has been killed.

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Gen Re’s consulting unit for Germany, Austria and Switzerland works on actuarial issues in Property & Casualty insurance. Our focus is on standardized business (for private or small businesses).

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