We provide high value support to our clients by effectively managing claims. With our expertise, we make a significant contribution to the smooth and timely payment of claims reinsured with us.


With our superior technical expertise, Gen Re International Claims supports our clients in the management of claims across various lines of business. 

Gen Re’s International Claims team is responsible for the oversight and management of all property and casualty claims arising from business written by Gen Re’s International Property & Casualty units. We are a highly technical team, with expertise in all major Property and Casualty lines including General Liability, Specialty Lines, Statutory Classes, Property, Motor, and Marine.

Our clients benefit from the direct relationships we have fostered over many years. This long-term investment ensures that our clients’ claims submissions receive timely and considered attention. Additionally, our global network of claims professionals is committed to strengthening these business relationships through technical support as well as supplementary services. We are committed to making positive contributions to enrich the shared peer, market, and industry knowledge bank within the ever evolving (re)insurance landscape.

Our Services

We provide clients with a range of value-added and supplementary services, as part of our commitment to strengthening the technical claims capabilities of our clients, and to enriching the shared knowledge bank within our enduring business partnerships.

Here are some of the services Gen Re’s Claims team offers its clients in various locations around the world. Please contact your local claims representative to find out what value-added services are available in your area.

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Claims Calculation Tools

Gen Re Claims makes available to its clients various tools to improve efficiencies and ensure accuracy of reserve calculations in bodily injury claims of varying severity, as well as calculate maintenance benefits to survivors in fatality claims or the allocation of the sum insured, in case of a shortfall. All this is managed within the assessment framework and jurisdiction of local compensation schemes. 

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Annual Claims Seminars

As part of our commitment to continuing education, we regularly bring together respected leaders of the (re)insurance industry to provide a dynamic forum in which to share market updates and industry insights with clients. Through our seminars, we strive to increase peer awareness around new, emerging, and/or enduring market impacts, topical industry trends, and jurisdictional/case law developments as well as government/regulatory interventions and schemes changing and disrupting the business of insurance.

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Training Workshops

Our local offices host interactive training workshops for clients to refine their technical claims capabilities in areas such as reserving and cross-border claims. These workshops also allow clients to stay abreast of and engage in thought-provoking discussions with industry peers on local and cross-border market trends and specific interest topics. 

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Claims Operational Reviews

As part of our claims consulting services, we are able to, upon request, carry out operational reviews into the performance of claims departments. Through these client engagements, Gen Re Claims serves as a professional sparring partner in the mutual pursuit of operational claims excellence. We support clients by providing credibility and comfort in the strength of insurer claims operations to management and other internal and external stakeholders. 

Tools & Resources

Our experienced underwriters and proprietary software tools can provide you with a unique and valuable view of your business. Find out how a fresh look at your exposures can help you manage your book.


Our reserve estimation (RET) tool helps to estimate complete, error-free as well as uniform and transparent individual reserves for severe personal injury claims.

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Initial reserve estimation (RET AR) is a tool that helps to simplify/accelerate the calculation of an initial reserve in personal injury cases, while standardizing and providing technical support.

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The tool supports you in calculating and creating distribution plans when the sum insured is exceeded.

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Maintenance damages (UHS) calculates proposals for the support of the survivors of a person who has been killed.

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Gen Re’s consulting unit for Germany, Austria and Switzerland works on actuarial issues in Property & Casualty insurance. Our focus is on standardized business (for private or small businesses).

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Rate Maker/KRisk

Our calculation and profit testing tool is a user-friendly and intuitive software consisting of two components, Ratemaker and KRisk. It enables the user to perform tariff calculation and implementation.

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Claims Focus

Find out about facts and trends in the international claims community in Claims Focus, learn about important risks and case reports, and benefit from information for your daily regulatory practice.

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