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Underwriting Manuals

Underwriting manuals play a vital role in managing risk for insurers and reinsurers alike. Gen Re’s underwriting manuals support underwriters across the globe in their daily work by providing comprehensive, evidence-based guidelines for the assessment of multiple types of risk.

Underwriting Engine

Our global expert underwriting system COMPASS is used by numerous companies and markets, processing more than 15,000 applications each day. COMPASS evaluates and underwrites Life and Disability applications. Depending on the product type, suggested underwriting actions include policy issue, request for additional information, referral to an underwriter or decline.

Our Services


Our services include the design of new products, calculation of the respective rates, and support in the development of policy terms and conditions.

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We have a global network of data scientists, and deep expertise in solving complex business problems.

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Medical Services

Experienced, responsive medical directors supporting you and our underwriters, while providing our underwriting manuals with the latest medical knowledge.  

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Digital Solutions

We help our clients create digital solutions across the insurance value chain.

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Featured Research

Mental Health

Mental Health

We believe there is more our industry can do to support people living with mental health conditions. Our passionate team of global experts is working to share their knowledge, challenge existing practices, and develop new solutions to help foster a more inclusive approach to mental health.

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Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economics

In a time of rapidly evolving underwriting approaches, uncertainty about future morbidity and mortality improvement, and increased insurer focus on client engagement, the Gen Re BE Academy, developed in relationship with Suffolk University professors, is designed to help our clients’ staff learn how small changes can make a big difference. 

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Upcoming Underwriting Events & Training

Featured events, conferences, training & education.

Business School

Business School

Your partner for professional development in insurance.

Training courses for underwriters and claims assessors.

Our Publications

Featured Article

The Future Impacts on Mortality [Video]

Does a longer life automatically mean a healthier life? And what really influences whether we live longer or not? In this video we explain what affects human mortality, and which impacts are expected in the future. Learn more about how human mortality and life expectancy have developed over the last decades.

Striking the Balance – Underwriting Between Regulation and Digitisation
Underwriting trends can be driven by the insurance industry itself or by developments in other sectors. Regulatory requirements also play an important role. We give an overview of recent developments and discusses how the insurance industry can use underwriting guidelines, expertise and resources to provide cover to even more applicants.
Annika Schilling
Epigenetic Testing – The Way Ahead for Life & Health Underwriting?
Epigenetics is the study of changes in an organism’s gene expression caused by behaviour and environment, without altering the primary DNA sequence. As reversible factors, epigenetics can influence a person’s health and risk of disease. We discuss the potential and challenges of epigenetic findings in Life & Health underwriting.
Dr. Sara Kannampuzha, Dr. Kohar Annie Kissoyan
Embitterment – The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw in Protracted Claim Management?
The psychological state of Embitterment, is one possible and under-recognised avenue to explore in protracted claim management. We explore the associated psychological problems, how it is often mis-labelled and the possible approaches to resolution.
Dr. Chris Ball
Cancer Treatment in Transition – Towards a Better Prognosis With Immunotherapies?
In addition to the prevailing methods of cancer treatment to date – surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – immunotherapies represent new therapeutic options. We provide an overview of the status quo of therapy methods and summarize the latest immunotherapeutic approaches to fighting cancer.
Dr. Sandra Mitic

We take an end-to-end approach to the service we provide. Whether you are looking for new insights into product development, access to leading underwriting tools and expertise, or assistance with a challenging claim, we have the people and tools to help directly or by way of training.

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