Behavioral Economics Academy

Training courses developed in collaboration with Suffolk University professors are designed for Gen Re client associates in any department whose work would benefit from BE learnings.

BE Academy

Behavioral economics (BE) draws from the fields of psychology and economics to better understand human behavior and decision-making.

To apply BE to insurance, you first need to understand BE. Gen Re clients now have the ability to complete professor-developed and -led training modules.

  • Online courses will leave attendees with a solid understanding of how BE can apply across all functional areas.
  • Training includes self-paced, interactive sessions in an easy-to-follow, concise format that fits into busy schedules.
  • Courses created for insurance professionals extend from basic to advanced.


Overview of the Gen Re BE Academy

The Value of BE

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Low Cost

Low cost to implement. Small changes can make a big difference.

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Accelerated Underwriting

For accelerated underwriting workflows, helps offset some of the lost protective value of fluids and paramedical testing.

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Applies to a wide range of insurer needs and concerns: from encouraging greater condition disclosure to product promotion and website communications.

Benefits of the Online Platform

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Online educational content tailored to the needs of insurance professionals

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Self-paced content learning

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Intuitive user interface that guides the participant through the learning journey – and allows stopping and starting again wherever the user left off

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Interactive quizzes included

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Training program is exclusively for Gen Re clients

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Certificate of completion provided at the end of each module

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Progress shown via dashboard

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Easily-managed access that also ensures privacy and confidentiality

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Gen Re is ready to set up clients in basic or advanced Behavioral Economics training. Let us know if you would like to schedule a presentation to see how the BE Academy works!