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Expertise, learning, and development are vital components of success needed by insurance professionals to meet today‘s business challenges. Let us support you in mastering the know-how you need to improve your work skills, to consolidate your profile, and to advance your company. Our seminars, webinars, and add-on services focus on practical, hands-on knowledge and experiences readily applicable to your everyday work. The offers range from self-paced eLearning to certified training programmes.

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Being responsible for deciding whether an insurance application is approved, underwriters directly influence their company’s profit. With recent developments in medicine, technology and law, the field of work has become more complex. Underwriters do not only need to keep up-to-date but also have to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

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Claims Assessment
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By managing and evaluating claims, claims assessors protect against error and fraud and influence the public‘s perception of a company. Only well-trained staff will be able to fulfil all the requirements needed for building a claims management strategy, making quality decisions as well as providing advice to the clients.

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Actuarial & Risk Management
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Professional risk management is key to business growth and success. Advances in technology change the risk landscape and require innovative insurance solutions. To recognize and respond to today‘s challenges, experts in risk evaluation, product development and actuarial science are needed.


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In a world full of change, a company’s most valuable asset is well trained staff. Up-to-date knowledge and skills will enhance both employee and organizational performance.

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