Our goal is to provide the right reinsurance products to meet your business needs. We offer a full range of solutions for all your Auto/Motor exposures and coverages – and direct access to the best reinsurance team in the industry.


We offer Treaty and Facultative reinsurance solutions for a broad range of Auto/Motor exposures. 

Coverages comprise Motor Liability and Motor Own Damage, helping to reduce volatility in your book on a proportional or non-proportional basis.

Auto Liability

Our Treaty and Facultative (Individual Risk and Programs) products are tailored to each client’s needs, covering quota share and excess of loss structures on both non-standard and standard Personal Auto, as well as on all Commercial Auto operations.

Auto Physical Damage

Our personalized Auto Physical Damage reinsurance product fits a wide range of clients for a variety of exposures on a per-unit or per-occurrence basis. Exposures include high-valued automobiles, classic (collectable) autos, buses, RVs, tractor-trailers, emergency response vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles.


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Tools & Resources


Gen Re’s consulting unit for Germany, Austria and Switzerland works on actuarial issues in Property & Casualty insurance. Our focus is on standardized business (for private or small businesses).

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Rate Maker/KRisk

Our calculation and profit testing tool is a user-friendly and intuitive software consisting of two components, Ratemaker and KRisk. It enables the user to perform tariff calculation and implementation.

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Gen Re Connect

Customized application for clients to place Facultative reinsurance – for both Program and Individual Risk submissions.

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