SOURCE Underwriting Manuals

Gen Re’s life and health underwriting manuals provide reliable information needed to assess risk effectively. These resources are available exclusively to our reinsurance clients.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Gen Re is recognized by clients for providing excellent underwriting manuals for the following lines of coverage:

Individual Life


Highly regarded for underwriting mortality risks since the 1960s when it was known as the Cologne Life Re Underwriting Manual.

  • Contains Waiver of Premium
  • Custom version available
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Individual Disability Income


Contains our Financial Guide – an additional reference tool to assist with the financial underwriting process for Individual Disability Income insurance. Includes key tax forms, schedules and guidelines for determining insurable income.

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Individual Critical Illness


Contains Supplemental underwriting notes

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Our goal is to provide the best manuals in the industry. Our manuals feature:

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Dynamic Risk Assessment

Our SOURCE manuals are designed to be dynamic risk assessment tools containing cutting-edge information for our clients’ underwriting teams to find quickly and easily.

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Timely Information

All of our reference tools undergo thorough evaluation and detailed updating as needed. It is a reflection of our commitment to excellence that we provide you with the most pertinent information.

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Valuable Solutions

You need resources to enhance your knowledge and provide consistency in your underwriting process. Access to our manuals and underwriting professionals provides you with access to key information that is relevant to your business.

Our manuals provide:

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Classroom Material

Provides basic information about the critical determinate of long-term prognosis required by underwriters

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Including drug search, lab values, ICD-9 codes, and anatomy illustrations

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Risk Keys

Advises you how an expert would interpret underwriting information and provides guidelines for solving complex problems

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Links to valuable websites and Gen Re professional staff for fast, competitive underwriting decisions

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Intuitive User Experience

  • Pop-up boxes display additional detailed information when needed
  • Quick navigation to the underwriting action
  • Keyword index and full-text search functions
  • Intuitive online interface
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Custom Content

Available for SOURCE—Life  


See if our underwriting manuals are right for you!

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