Consultancy services to solve complex business problems


Data Science and Machine Learning

Our global network of data scientists has a strong presence within our regional offices. With our deep expertise in solving complex business problems, we generate actionable insights for our clients using a wide range of statistical and machine learning techniques such as generalized linear models, random forest, boosting methods, neural networks, and text mining.

Our clients receive consultancy services from us: We initiate and execute data-driven projects and research, and we support them throughout their lifecycle. These include steps such as:

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Data Readiness & Understanding

Summarization, anomalies and outlier detection, exploration of external data, and univariate exhibits

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Model Development

Variable engineering, machine learning and statistical modeling

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Model Interpretability

Balancing gain and model complexity. Exhibits to enhance model interpretation

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Model Deployment

Documentation and communication of model and intended usage. Packaging and deployment on the algorithm with embedded UI

Our mantra for success is continuous collaboration of our data scientists with our highly experienced domain experts of actuaries, underwriters, claims managers, medical doctors, and others.


Global Analytics

U.S. Head of Analytics

Segment Head of Analytics (Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa, UK & Ireland)

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