At Gen Re, we believe that information and collaboration are the basis for great innovation.

We leverage the actuarial, medical, and underwriting expertise of our global units with the market-specific knowledge of our regional departments to support your product initiatives.

Our product development support comprises a wide range of services needed by primary insurers, including design of new products, calculation of the respective rates, and development of policy terms and conditions. Post-launch, our portfolio monitoring and experience studies offer additional valuable insights.

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Critical Illness/
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Long Term Care

Our Services


Our competent advice, comprehensive services, and effective tools and resources guide your risk management decisions.

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Our team of expert claim professionals develop effective claims management strategies specific to our clients’ needs.

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Market Research & Surveys

We produce marketplace surveys for our clients and the insurance industry. Clients also benefit from our individualized services including business monitoring.

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We have a global network of data scientists, and deep expertise in solving complex business problems.

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Recent Research

Understanding ADHD – Beyond the Acronym
The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a diagnosis that is still with many prejudices. This starts with stereotypical characteristics of the patient and extends to the triggers of the disorder. In this blog we explain diagnostics, symptomatology, course and therapeutic measures of ADHD.
Annika Luckmann
Beware of Demo Mode on Electrocardiogram Reports
Life and Disability underwriters need to be aware they may receive significant computer-generated fake data even though they are relying on the sources of the information they receive. Whether accidental, incompetence or fraud, here is something else for your radar.
Dr. Paul Higgins
The Future of Cryptography and the Rise of Quantum Computing
On August 21, 2023, three U.S. government agencies released a joint factsheet on quantum readiness, encouraging organizations to develop a quantum-readiness roadmap for migration to post-quantum cryptographic standards. Insurers and reinsurers should learn more about this topic that requires planning into the next decade.
Frank Schmid
Group Term Life and AD&D Survey Reveals Overall Gains for U.S. Carriers
The market for Group Term Life and AD&D insurance in the U.S. is showing a positive picture overall. New sales premium shows growth in both lines. Read more takeaways, including in-force results and pricing levels, from the recent Gen Re market survey.
Mike Fullerton
Uptick in U.S. Individual Disability Sales
The market for Individual Disability Insurance in the U.S. is showing tangible growth, possibly reflecting a greater awareness of income protection products that didn’t exist among buyers until the pandemic struck. Read more takeaways from the recent Gen Re market survey.
Steve Woods

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