Emerging Exposures
Emerging Exposures

As exposures evolve and new risks arise, our dedicated team of underwriters, account executives and claims experts share their knowledge in a variety of ways including in-depth articles, blogs and presentations.

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This three-part series – in collaboration with NAMIC – examines inflation and its impact on insurers.

With some signs suggesting that inflationary pressures have somewhat stabilized, it’s instructive to examine what’s been driving them since 2020. Social inflation has added increased pressure on the industry in recent years, and further adding to the industry’s woes is inflation.

First Industrial Death Linked to Cosmic Radiation Recognized in South Korea
In a landmark decision in South Korea, the death of a male flight attendant from gastric cancer was ruled an industrial accident caused by cosmic radiation. Although the link between cosmic radiation and cancer is a relatively new medical development, it’s an emerging insurance risk. We describe the impact of this ruling.
Priscilla Tsang
Generative Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Three Lessons for Transformation from Past Arrivals of General-Purpose Technologies
Past arrivals of GPTs offer insights into potential implications of the diffusion process of Generative AI. What do these observations imply for an insurer’s technology choices in the Generative AI adoption process? How can business leaders steer the diffusion of this technology in the organization?
Frank Schmid
Human Activity Generates Carbon and Warms the Atmosphere. Is Human Ingenuity Part of the Solution?
Do we have the means to physically remove atmospheric carbon and help keep temperature rises within acceptable levels, limiting future risk while also easing the transition from fossil fuels? If so, what could that mean for insurers and the policyholders they serve? Let’s take a look.
Timothy Fletcher
Generative Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Four Aspects of the Current Debate
Generative AI is widely regarded as a general-purpose technology (GPT). The arrival of a GPT is a rare event, even in modern times. Our CTO examines the current debate around the use of generative AI in the insurance industry and highlights four aspects in terms of potential consequences for consumers, employees, insurers and the insurance market.
Frank Schmid

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