Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

In our fast-paced world, “digital” has moved from being just a descriptive word to being a foundation of how we seek information, interact with businesses, and conduct our daily lives. We at Gen Re help our clients create digital solutions across the insurance value chain.

Collaboration Partners

To help our clients create digital solutions, we collaborate with partners from around the world, with offerings that modernize, digitize, and innovate across the insurance value chain.

Vastmindz is a healthtech platform company developing software that provides non-invasive diagnostics. The technology gathers vital signs via any device with an embedded camera, including a smartphone, with high levels of accuracy. The vital signs collected include heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Vastmindz technology collects physiological data through a 60 to 90-second video; the assessment data can be used to supplement or reduce application form questions, provide medical evidence, and could reduce costs and delays while increasing the accuracy of disclosure. Vastmindz was named 2022 Microsoft for Start-ups ”Partner of the Year” for ”Business Excellence.”

Thrive Mental Wellbeing is a mental health assessment and therapeutic all-in-one, app-based service built to mirror UK NHS clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. It provides an evidence-based, clinically effective approach.

The app can be used to evaluate risk factors and effectively signpost, triage, and treat individuals. Thrive Mental Wellbeing helps prevent mental health problems occurring, mitigates symptoms, and reduces recovery times. The app includes computerised cognitive behavioural therapy, and clinically approved relaxation sessions such as Calm Breathing, Meditation, and Deep Muscle Relaxation.

Around the World

We are working with multiple large insurtechs in the accelerated underwriting space. These insurtechs are developing new tools by leveraging health, credit, and other data that can assess mortality risk.

In collaboration with these companies, as well as with insurance carriers, we are evaluating these tools to help the carriers reduce underwriting time and effort, and increase throughput of applications while at the same time minimizing mortality slippage.

Recent Publications

Monitoring the Trends

What's new in the digital solutions world?

Having a finger on the pulse of the trends affecting the insurance industry is another way we help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We share our knowledge and global experience with innovations in client onboarding, underwriting, and risk assessment as well as post-policy issue engagement.

The Future of Cryptography and the Rise of Quantum Computing
On August 21, 2023, three U.S. government agencies released a joint factsheet on quantum readiness, encouraging organizations to develop a quantum-readiness roadmap for migration to post-quantum cryptographic standards. Insurers and reinsurers should learn more about this topic that requires planning into the next decade.
Frank Schmid
Benefits of Generative Search: Unlocking Real-Time Knowledge Access
Generative search holds potential for revolutionizing the way we interact with search engines and find information. Businesses can expect to benefit from instant access to knowledge that can be ingested and incorporated into decision-making in a highly efficient and effective manner.
Frank Schmid
AI Is Here. What Does it Mean for the Insurance Industry?
The wind behind AI’s sails is both powerful and lasting, bringing with it rapid and dramatic change. How and in which ways the industry responds will largely shape its future, with those companies best able to harness AI’s potential also being the ones to reap the economic benefits it portends to bring.
Timothy Fletcher
Life Insurers Share Their AU Experiences – Top 5 Takeaways
Accelerated Underwriting (AU) is now a big part of most Life companies’ overall underwriting philosophy. But AU tools are evolving, and many direct carriers and reinsurers find it tough to price and evaluate their AU initiatives. We found some interesting results in our 2022 Individual Life AU Survey.
Donna Sivigny



We take an end-to-end approach to the service we provide. Whether you are looking for fresh insight into new product development, access to leading underwriting tools and expertise or assistance with a challenging claim, we have the people and platforms to help.

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