Claims Academy

Claims Education is the foundation of excellent risk management.

Claims Academy

The Claims Academy is designed to assist Gen Re clients in navigating the complexities of Life & Health claims work.

  • Claims professionals are provided with access to tools they can confidently apply in the claims management process, while building skills and knowledge.
  • The training includes self-paced, interactive sessions, providing reference guides, case studies, and tools as a means to assist with covering the basics – and complexities – of claims management.
  • Claims professionals across all skill types will find something helpful in the Academy to broaden their skills with knowledge and tools.

About the Academy


Watch Fionna Kossmann, Global Claims Manager, talk about the benefits of the Gen Re Claims Academy.

How Does the Claims Academy Work?

The course content is structured according to key topics within modules – and reinforced through quizzes and activities to ensure the attendee has grasped the key components of each module. To see the training questions and other details, contact us by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Benefits of the Online Platform

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Bespoke-designed online educational content for closed groups

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Self-paced content learning

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Easily-managed access that also ensures privacy and confidentiality

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Intuitive user interface that guides the participant through the learning journey

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Interface remembers where the user last left off and picks up from there

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Progress shown via dashboard

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Gen Re is ready to assist our clients with detailed Claims Training. Let us know if you would like to schedule a presentation to see more of the Academy.