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In times of complexity and change, the insurance industry faces multiple challenges. Innovation and creativity are key factors for success. Capable decision-makers with a strategic business mindset and elaborate leadership skills are needed.

The Gen Re Management & Leadership Course prepares insurance managers and leaders to meet future trends with confidence and ability, and to inspire and drive forward efficient performance in their organisations.

Lead through the industry’s future challenges!


Spotlights – The Webinar Series for Life/Health Professionals

Great things in business are never done by one person. Product design, pricing, sales, underwriting, and claims assessment all play important parts in the ongoing insurance cycle. Spotlights, our series of 60-minute webinars, turns the spotlight on trending topics across this value chain and highlights research results for successful operations.

Gen Re’s inhouse experts will discuss future insurance trends with a digital audience tuning in from around the world. Boost your business potential by following our Spotlights series!


Global March 30, 2023

Ageing and Mortality – Dying to Age Brilliantly

Spotlights Client Series With life expectancy growing globally, research has started looking at ways for modifying ageing and cell degeneration. This Gen Re webinar describes different approaches how to potentially slow the ageing process and illustrates challenges for underwriting and product pricing.

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Global May 4, 2023

Data and Digitisation – How they Change Underwriting and Product Design

Spotlights Client Series The increase in digitisation facilitates processes such as simplified onboarding, products for new target groups and continuous underwriting. This Gen Re webinar examines recent trends in data and digitisation and summarises how insurers and insureds can benefit from these.

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Global June 13, 2023

Immunotherapies – The Today and Tomorrow in Cancer Treatment

Spotlights Client Series Current cancer research focuses on the development of new treatment methods that harness the capabilities of the body’s own defence system. This Gen Re webinar reviews the current state of immunotherapy research and outlines its relevance for underwriting and product development.

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Global September 12, 2023

Remember to Forget – Insuring Cancer Survivors and the Right to be Forgotten

Spotlights Client Series - The Right to be Forgotten states that cancer survivors can apply for insurance without having to disclose their history of cancer after a certain time period of remission. This Gen Re webinar discusses implications for underwriters taking into account different EU legislations. 

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Global November 14, 2023

Where Soul Meets Body – The Link Between Somatic and Psychiatric Health

Spotlights Client Series As somatic and mental health are associated, psychiatric diagnoses can negatively impact the overall future health and indirectly increase all-cause mortality. This Gen Re webinar evaluates mental health risk factors and red flags in Life and Disability insurance applications. 

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