Philanthropy & Volunteerism

We aim to be a responsible business in the community, looking after our employees and having a beneficial impact on society and the communities where our employees live and work. 


Gen Re donated more than half a million U.S. dollars in scholarships to various universities and industry organizations:

In 2022, Gen Re Australia partnered with the University of Sydney to offer two final-year students scholarship awards designed to assist them in their final year of studies. Since Australia has two subsidiaries (Life & Health and Property & Casualty), one student was allocated to each company. Both individuals were selected to recognize them not only for academic achievement, but as young people who had experienced some degree of challenge in their lives. We chose to recognize that they may not have experienced the same advantages as some of their peers.

In addition to the scholarship awards, we also partnered with both individuals to offer work experience relevant to their studies and interests as well as making mentorship support available. We hope our relationship can continue as they are impressive young people who are humble, smart, and great additions to the Gen Re team and to society generally. We are delighted to support them and learn from them.

To learn more about The University of Sydney, visit their website.

Scholarships Germany

To date, scholarships have been awarded to five students. We hope to make significant contributions to their future success.

As part of our 2021 anniversary activities, we have started to support five highly motivated and talented students with migrant and/or refugee backgrounds.

To this end, we are working closely with the renowned Otto Benecke Stiftung (OBS) in Bonn, which is known for its support of migrants in all educational matters.

The scholarship includes the opportunity to complete an internship at Gen Re, where they will meet our employees and learn about the insurance and reinsurance industry, paving the way for future employment at Gen Re or in the broader insurance industry.

Girls Inc.

With the assistance of The Women and Allies Employee Resource Group committee, Gen Re partnered with Girls Inc. to establish a scholarship with the goal of empowering girls to find their voice and build knowledge through the pursuit of an undergraduate degree.

By investing in girls across a diverse range of backgrounds and locations, Girls Inc. works to create a stronger, more sustainable future of powerful girls in an equitable society. Girls Inc. awarded the Gen Re 100th Anniversary Scholarship to a high school girl for her passion for STEM, and the steps she is taking towards diversity and inclusion in this field.

To learn more about Girls Inc., visit their website.

Horizons at New Canaan Country School

Gen Re has funded three college academic grants to assist high-potential secondary school students from low-income communities.

The Professionals of Color and Allies ERG worked closely with the non-profit group Horizons at New Canaan Country School, which has a strong track record of helping students from underserved communities, to award three high school seniors with academic grants that will help each student get a step closer to achieving their educational, professional, and personal dreams.

To learn more about Horizons at New Canaan Country School, visit their website.

NAMIC Mutual Insurance Foundation

The NAMIC Mutual Insurance Foundation (NMIF) selection committee has chosen two students to each receive a scholarship in Gen Re’s name over the next four years.

To learn more about the NAMIC Mutual Insurance Foundation, visit their website.

Scholarships South Africa

In celebration of Gen Re’s anniversary in 2021, Gen Re in South Africa has partnered with the University of the Western Cape, which is well-known for its struggle against apartheid and its continued fight against oppression, discrimination, and disadvantage in modern-day South Africa. They have an excellent Occupational Therapy program that we decided to support over four years by offering a bursary to two deserving students. 

The students are also spending a portion of their vacation working at Gen Re. This is crucial in South Africa where many graduates are unable to obtain employment due to a lack of work experience.

Both our students are thriving and are currently enrolled for their third year of studies. We have a Cape Town born and bred student; the other student hails from Mpumalanga. One of them was invited into the Golden Key Honour society as well as receiving a merit award for her first year of studies. So our support has been guided by the individual needs of the students. 

We believe the four years spent partnering with Gen Re will act as a catalyst for successful careers within the Occupational Therapy industry. 

As part of our anniversary celebrations and our desire to invest in our local communities, the Gen Re offices in the UK partnered with Lloyd’s of London and their Lloyd’s Community Fund Programme.

Gen Re and Faraday are providing financial support to three students from low socio-economic backgrounds and the funding helps them with the costs of moving away from home to study at universities outside London.

The Fund provides support over a three-year period whilst the students complete their degrees.

To learn more about the Lloyd’s of London Foundation, visit their website.

Community Work

Donations & Community Work

Gen Re makes annual donations that focus mostly on social services. We support a broad range of organisations, large and small. 

Our donations and contributions in the form of community work target education, civic, economic and public health organizations, hospitals and health institutions; or support client- and industry-related organizations. 

We also have a "100% matching" program for private donations of our German staff members.

Music Scholarship

Gen Re in Cologne awards scholarships to students of classical music to promote young talent.

The prize enables students to complete their music studies.  

With these scholarships, Gen Re highlights Cologne’s outstanding position as a city of culture.

Music Scholarship
Visiting Professorship

Gen Re Visiting Professorship

Gen Re supports international teaching and research in insurance sciences at the University of Cologne by supporting a Gen Re visiting professorship. We do this to promote the international exchange of scientific ideas in insurance.

Once a year, an internationally renowned scientist in the field of insurance science is invited to the University of Cologne.