Critical Illness Insights - Singapore

Critical Illness Insurance was introduced to the Singapore market around the late 1980s. Sales gained momentum throughout the 1990s, with sales in year 2000 reaching 100,000 new policies. With such growth, the Life Insurance Association (LIA) of Singapore released a standardized critical illness definition in 2003; this helps ease consumers’ understanding of critical illness products. Recognizing the impacts of changing lifestyles and improving technology, the definitions have changed throughout the years, with the most recent change being in 2019.

Dread Disease - Singapore
Insights from Gen Re’s Dread Disease Survey for the Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore Markets
The 8th edition of Gen Re’s Dread Disease Survey has been released for the Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore markets. This survey captures new insights into the prevalence, incidence, and impact of Critical Illness (CI). We present key findings from the three markets.
Orchis Li
The Gen Re Dread Disease Survey – Key Takeaways for the Singapore Market [Infographic]
In this blog we present the key highlights of the Singapore results of Gen Re’s Dread Disease Survey 2015 to 2019.
Samuel Lim