Property Exposure Review (PEER)

Our new PEER® underwriting model provides a unique view of your Commercial Property book. Based on your company’s policy data and our exposure assessments, our PEER® model provides a detailed picture of:

  • Your Risk Distribution through Hazard Grade Assessment
  • Characteristics of Your Business by Hazard Grade
  • Net Retained versus Ceded Exposure Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis of Distribution Sources’ Exposures

This information can support decisions regarding your property portfolio-whether to retain more of the lower-hazard business, reduce your exposure to those higherhazard risks, avoid large accumulations of higher-hazard risks in specific areas, or just monitor performance.

PEER® is a Gen Re proprietary model developed for our Property Treaty clients. It is a tool for line of business segmentation, net retained and ceded exposure analysis, target-market business analysis and agency management. Since the report is based on your own company-specific information, the results are highly individualized to your book of business. Your company data and the reports generated are confidential and shared only with your company.

To find out more about PEER download our brochure or contact us.