Data Breach Response and Cyber Liability


Cyber exposures and coverages change quickly. We offer a broad range of insurance and reinsurance solutions to keep you current and protected from what's coming next.

If you are developing or upgrading your Cyber insurance products to keep pace with U.S. and International markets, we can help. We can reinsure your Cyber exposures and coverages for both first-party damages and services, as well as third-party liability.

Our Cyber Risk team can:

  • Collaborate with you on product development including forms, rates and/or services
  • Deliver turnkey insurance products ready to be incorporated into your product portfolio with our full reinsurance support
  • Provide reinsurance coverage on your Cyber policies


If you already write Cyber and are looking for reinsurance, we can be a reliable partner to build and grow your Cyber portfolio.

In a fast-changing cyber world, Gen Re offers expertise, commitment and resiliency. Talk to our Cyber experts today.

White Paper: Do You Know Where Your Cyber Exposure Is? Download Now.

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