Our electronic underwriting manual for life, critical illness and disability insurance, features medical underwriting guidelines, concise narratives, sections on drugs and laboratory tests, anatomical illustrations and easy-to-use extra mortality and morbidity calculators for height, weight and blood pressure. Also included are guidelines for financial underwriting as well as rating guidelines for occupations, pursuits, foreign travel and residence.

The first version of CLUE was introduced in October 1996. Having undergone a thorough review, CLUE is now offered in a web-based format making it easily accessible for our treaty clients worldwide. The manual is intended for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, focusing on underwriters' needs and offering immediate and user-friendly access to relevant information.

CLUE is unique in that it was developed for underwriters by underwriters who are involved in daily risk selection and are in touch with the ever-changing medical scene, new discoveries, treatments and impairments. The electronic tool, which has received unanimous approval from our clients around the world, is being constantly enhanced through our ongoing research activities.

CLUE is available in Chinese, English, French, Italian and Russian.

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