Gen Re Business School

Gen Re Business School

At the Gen Re Business School we combine many years’ experience in professional training with the recognised expertise of a global reinsurer.

On the basis of Professional Continuing Education teaching methods we have developed innovative advanced training concepts for the insurance market in close cooperation with experts who have practical experience in the various fields.

Our primary success factors include: the combination of specialist knowledge and competent teaching, the integration of underwriting-relevant subjects and productive communication with our clients, instructors and cooperation partners.

The programmes we offer are geared towards the precise point where practical knowledge, scientifically-proven facts and concrete vocational challenges intersect. Comprising courses, textbooks and self-tests, we have established a rigorous method of continuing education which is reflected in the success rate of our participants.

Contact: Mirko von Haxthausen, Head of Gen Re Business School, +49 221 9738 156 or