Our COMET training initiative has been designed to provide office-based ongoing education for underwriters in life insurance companies. This popular programme combines periodic workshops with continuous correspondence learning.

COMET workshops take place in more than ten locations across Asia, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo.

In addition to these workshops, our COMET ReView tool continuously exposes participating underwriters to the issues and complexities involved in interpreting data, with a view to enhancing the underwriter's ability to apply medical knowledge to the risk selection process over time. COMET ReView is sent out on a monthly basis, with the underwriter required to complete the analysis on the form provided and return it to Gen Re.

Contact: Dr. Fajah S. Peshi, +65 6438 7718, or Michelle Eng, +65 6438 7720,

For COMET in Japan please contact: Dr. Naoki Chida, +81 3 3663 7629, or Dr. Hiroki Kato, +81 3 3663 7636,