Gen Re Management Course

The first Gen Re Management Course took place in 1989. Since then, every year around 30 high potentials from Gen Re's most valued clients in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe are invited for 10 days of professional training in general management. In 2005 the Gen Re Manage­ment Course was accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) .

Particularity of Gen Re Management Course

The course provides an interactive opportunity for delegates to understand various aspects of management. The diverse range of nationalities attending the course enables participants to learn from each other and from the experience from different countries. The course makes a valuable contribution to the development of managers throughout the world. The programme has been awarded CII Continuing Profes­sional Development Accreditation recognition.

Objectives of the Course

To gain understanding and experience in:

  • Identifying current management and leadership issues in the insurance industry through trainer input, learning by doing and feed-back
  • Applying central aspects of self-management, motivation of others, conflict resolution, trust building and other communication skills by working on case studies
  • Improving individual capabilities of empathy, social competence through guided self-reflection
  • Setting goals and priorities for effective management and career planning in the insurance industry by using strategic tools
  • Creating individual solutions to achieve a healthy mind-body and work-life balance in a management and leadership position by raising awareness of theory and practice

Risk Management Review

Risk Management Review, the newsletter of the Gen Re Management Course, focuses on articles on general management as well as insurance related topics.