Gen Re’s comprehensive and powerful tool for underwriting

Speed, service and cost-consciousness, delivered at high quality levels, clearly influence our decisions – in private and in business. Clients expect inexpensive and innovative products, as well as simple new business and claims processes.

Work with COMPASS

Our COMPASS Suite is based on the latest technology, including Java, JDBC database and REST Services (COMPASS Architecture).
The Suite consists of the following applications:

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The COMPASS Engine is the heart of the COMPASS Suite. It is responsible for managing the capture of application details, and the following assessment.

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COMPASS RuleManager

The COMPASS RuleManager supports the user in consistent and technically correct rule writing.

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COMPASS StaR enables companies to evaluate the data for the life insurance application and their assessment results.

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COMPASS Architecture

The architecture of COMPASS enables the easy integration into any quotation / administration system.


COMPASS comes with technical and underwriting-related support by Gen Re developers, who work according to your needs. In addition to our Hotline Services, we offer workshops to enable you to start working with COMPASS quickly.

For further information please contact Klaus Künzel.