Workers' Compensation Claims Toolbox

Strategic Claims Management to Help You Manage and Settle Claims
[Tools for Clients]

Our Claims team has vast experience in managing catastrophic losses as well as those soft tissue injuries that may be “creeping cats.” Our strategies, tools and tips were developed by claim professionals for claim professionals - helping our clients mitigate even the most difficult Workers' Comp claims.

Medical Management Program
  • Pinpoints obstacles preventing optimum medical treatment
  • Reveals significant cost factors including excessive prescription drug use
  • Returns accountability to injured worker and medical providers
  • Ensures collaboration with existing claim management programs and providers
Settlement Tools
  • Identifies all considerations critical to Workers' Comp settlements, including timely and accurate MSAs
  • Develops claim strategies and techniques that result in timely and fair settlements
  • Flexlist tool results in successful full and final Workers' Comp settlements


Your claims team with our tools help you mitigate claims, grow your margin and save dollars on every claim. To learn more contact Bill Lentz, Workers' Comp Claim Technical Specialist, at +1 212 341 8087 or