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  • The Key to Underwriting Flood Successfully [Video]

    Innovations in modeling and technology are changing the way the industry underwrites flood risks, but they are only a starting point to truly understanding the risk. Transforming that information into knowledge is the key to underwriting flood successfully. View...

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  • The Impact of Trends in the Food Industry on Risk Management [Presentation]

    Economies of scale, automation and industrialization are just some of the trends affecting the food industry. In this sector's focus on remaining competitive in a fast-changing environment, while also facing stricter regulation, the need for fire protection...

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  • The Internet of Things [Presentation]

    By 2020, there will be an estimated 50 billion devices, connecting, sending and receiving data all over the world. These devices, their component parts and supporting software/platforms will be produced by global technology companies faster and in more...

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  • What’s Fueling Record Wildfires in the U.S.? [Infographic]

    As wildfires continue to burn throughout the western states, there are specific areas of concern for underwriters. As part three of our wildfire series, this Infographic gives an overview of the current wildfire situation in the U.S. and provides a checklist...

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