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  • 4 Reporting & Metrics Principles to Drive Information Acceleration

    By Amy McNamara Apr 30, 2018 | English

    Many P&C insurance companies have a long history and undoubtedly have a variety of legacy systems and reporting applications. Meanwhile, insurers are not only operating in a dynamic marketplace, with an increasing need to incorporate meaningful metrics...

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  • P&C Insurance Analytics – What Drives Your Priorities?

    By Upendra Belhe Apr 12, 2018 | English

    When we say the business environment for P&C insurance is changing at a rapid pace, no one seems surprised. But how are carriers responding to it? Data Analytics is the most accepted transformative force; there seems to be no doubt about that at all....

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  • 6 Steps to a Good Risk Assessment Process

    By Molly Corbett Nov 23, 2015 | English

    Effective enterprise risk management is becomingly increasingly important in today’s regulatory environment. Regulators and rating agencies expect that companies have a good understanding of their risk profiles and have implemented the appropriate governance...

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