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    Life/Health International(5)

Gaining Insights Through Data and Analytics Collaboration

Accelerated learning from data driven insights is transforming the way the insurance industry does business. Find out how we're helping small to medium-sized insurers in the PC sector leverage the intelligence and resources they need to grow and prosper.

  • Insurance Business Results Through Analytics

    By Upendra Belhe | Oct 17, 2017 | English

    As insurers implement data analytics to varying degrees, the next stage is already being set. For many it’s doing even more with external data, building even sharper and better pricing models, or looking for the opportunities to implement predictive modelling...

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  • It’s Time to Future-Proof Your Data, Systems and Culture

    By Karin Neelsen and Andres Webersinke | Sep 05, 2017 | English

    The long-term prospects of most Life and Health insurers are going to be determined by their ability to transition from a product-based approach to a customer-centric value proposition. But, if they’re going to make that leap, insurers will have to know...

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  • Gaining Insights Through Data and Analytics Collaboration

    By Upendra Belhe | Jul 19, 2017 | English

    Disruption, continuous change and uncertainty are a stark reality for P&C carriers today. Digital technologies, data analytics and social media promise to transform the traditional marketplace. It’s an environment where customers’ expectations and behaviors...

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  • Can Big Data Spell the End of Uncertainty?

    By Bernhard Wolters | Jul 17, 2017 | English

    Big data applications are increasingly shaping our everyday lives, making trends more transparent and patterns more predictable. Like insurance, science, notably medicine, is equally subject to the novel possibilities and demands resulting from big data....

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