Simulation Can Reduce Medical Malpractice for Hospitals and Doctors

October 21, 2014| By Jim McNulty | Professional Liability | English

Region: U.S.

One of the exhibitors at last month’s Symposium on Captive Insurance in Connecticut was Hartford Hospital’s Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation (CESI). Medical Director Steven Shichman, MD explained that simulation training provides impressive benefits for medical professionals and results in much improved patient care. It helps individual professionals prepare for real medical situations and it can assist in preparing medical teams to provide more effective crisis management. Dr. Schichman made the point that U.S. Airways' Captain Sully Sullenberger had spent many hours training in a simulator before his successful Hudson River landing of Flight 1549 in February 2013.

The CESI training provides realistic opportunities to engage in medical procedures and prepare for both normal and unusual events that can present themselves during patient care. In addition simulation provides participants opportunities to gain experience with new equipment, develop technical skills and practice teamwork needed to deliver successful healthcare. The training is beneficial for both new and experienced doctors. The goal of CESI is to help all healthcare providers through simulation training. Hartford Hospital requires CESI training and qualification from all doctors that have privileges at its facilities.

CESI services and programs are gaining recognition. Dr. Schichman stated that the U.S. Navy is now sending its Medical Corpsmen to CESI for training. CESI is working to become the premier global center for comprehensive experiential learning and innovation using simulation and other leading-edge training technologies.

In addition to the enormous benefits this training brings to patient care, it promises to have a very beneficial impact on the financial health of medical malpractice risk-takers. Our Medical Malpractice team thinks simulation training is an exciting development that promises to deliver many benefits to hospitals, doctors, patients and insurers. Contact us if you would like to discuss ideas about how simulation training can benefit you.


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