When Workers’ Compensation & Auto Liability Collide - 5 Things Every Insurer Needs to Know [Presentation]

September 07, 2017| By Diane Brown | Auto/Motor, Commercial Umbrella, Personal Umbrella, Workers' Compensation | English

Region: North America

Auto trends often collide with Workers’ Comp results. Auto writers use many tools to help underwrite their risks and contain losses - such as industry historical data, telematics, MVRs, black boxes and smartphone photos and videos. Workers’ Comp writers should be armed with similar information, so they can enhance their claims and loss prevention practices. They too should educate their employees, as well as their insureds, about ways to reduce Auto claims.

Motor vehicle crashes account for 36% of all injury-related workplace deaths and are the leading cause of catastrophic Workers’ Comp injuries in the U.S.1 For every 1% decrease in unemployment, there is a 9% increase in fatalities.2 What else is happening in Auto that Workers’ Comp insurers should know about?

See our Slideshare for 5 intersections where Workers’ Comp and Auto collide.


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